Modern Warfare 2: How to Get Polyatomic & Orion Camos

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Polyatomic and Orion appearances are the two most coveted gun skins in the recent CoD Modern Warfare 2. They represent a new system of unlocking gun styles by completing hard challenges. This tutorial will explain in detail how to get Polyatomic camo and Orion skins on your armaments.

Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic & Orion are the four mastery appearances people get by gradually completing ever-harder weaponry challenges. Gold is pretty simple — you get it by completing 8 weapon group challenges. Platinum is visibly harder — you must finish individual challenges on all 51 weapons in the game.

Why Grind Them?

One reason to unlock Orion camo or its Polyatomic counterparts is the fashion. These skins are slightly different for each weapon that wears them. The latter looks like a mesh of purple, white and black polygons, and the former demonstrates a cosmic view similar to a nebula from afar. But the stylishness is, of course, subjective.

What is objective is that they are instantly recognizable, and few skins look like that. Considering that people get them after reaching absurdly hard goals, it’s a clear sign of skill. To many players, their only purpose is just that — showing off. It’s actually possible to buy weapons camo from a boosting service, which is the fastest way to get Polyatomic camo.

It can also be argued that completionist appearances are a way to challenge your own skills. However, it’s been reported that many of the quests are just situational. There’s obviously some skill involved in catching occasional opportunities, but there’s as much luck involved in them as grit.

Polyatomic Guns

Polyatomic camo in MW2 is the third in the line of mastery skins after Gold and Platinum. You can get a style of such sort for each weapon individually by completing challenges. These mastery tasks are unlocked automatically for all 51 guns in the game if you get all 51 Platinum skins, the process of getting which works similarly.

In short, you can only start grinding Polyatomic skins after grinding the Platinums on each individual weapon. And unless you complete all objectives on this level, you can’t proceed to the Orion skins, which are one level above. That’s a neat but gradually more stress-inducing system.

There’s currently no Polyatomic camo guide that could tell what these tasks are all about. They are individual to all the weapons in the game. It’s hard to catalog them all because the game has just come out, and there is only a handful of people who exhausted the Platinum challenges in their entirety. But don’t worry: they are hard.

Orion Guns

Orion camo in MW2 is the last in the line of mastery skins, at the moment. Like with the previous mastery tier, you unlock these styles individually on each gun. However, to gain access to the new pack of challenges you’ll have to unlock Polyatomic camo for every gun in the game.

51 gun platforms are currently in the game, and there are no individual achievements for modifications of the same gun. Also, it’s unclear if you’ll have to complete objectives with the armaments, which will be added later in the game. There’ll surely be a separate Orion camo guide for them later. They might let you skip them when they come.

It’s even harder to know how to get Orion camo for each gun because challenges vary. You’ll most likely have to drop a specified number of players with an equipped Polyatomic weapon, and there can be additional requirements for time, circumstances, etc. That said, there is currently no new content after unlocking all styles, but they might add a new tier later on.

How to Get

As soon as you unlock the new tier of completionist appearances, you’ll be able to choose which weapons you want to grind first. The best decision would be to start with the arms you’re most proficient with. After you’ve dealt with the most familiar armaments, you’ll be able to begin gradually unlocking the more difficult exemplars.

Each weapon will have its own individual quest. The usual requirements are like frag 3 people within 15 sec’ and other situational challenges. Completing each quest depends on your potential for thinking on the spot, but you can increase your chances by putting each type of weapon in its ideal environment.

For instance, assault rifles and battle rifles are exceptional indoors and in medium ranges. They are particularly great in the corridors, and you can get a lot of frags by catching people in such environments with weapons of these classes. Long-range is often optimal, but it differs from rifle to rifle.

SMGs, shotguns, and pistols are rather deadly in close quarters. One of your best bets would be to camp in a tight room, even though it’s not fun. The same applies to LMGs, to an extent. Most of these quests revolve around frags, meaning you simply need to drop people in the most optimal environment.

Essentially, you have two choices. You can approach the whole ordeal casually and try to seize opportunities when they arise. The other way is to focus entirely on the objective and ignore the rest of the game, including much of what makes it fun. The latter includes stuff like camping, visiting only specific maps, as well as specific spots.

Different Approaches

A lot of people choose the 32v32 modes to complete these objectives. These game modes typically have larger maps with a lot more environments to exploit, as well as many more people to shoot. Because the rounds are longer, you can complete several tasks in one match. There will be a lot of opportunities of such sort.

Whatever you do, playing in a team of friends is always helpful. They could call out challenge objectives for you or just help achieve your goals. Not to mention, there will be people to show off to and it’s much more fun this way. It’s typically a lot harder to pull off alone, although you are more concentrated.

Like always, the fastest way to get Orion camo is by boosting and asking a more skilled CoD player to do it for you. Unlocking all 51 skins on each tier (102 in total) would take you a long time, and you would really need to grind many hours a day to complete them fast. It’s unhealthy, so just let other people do it.

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