Best Whitley Loadout in CoD Vanguard

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Since CoD Vanguard has been out for some time, we’ve had a lot of time to experience its multiplayer. That is why we can share with you our personal best loadouts for Call of Duty Vanguard.

This episode features one of the best cod Vanguard multiplayer loadouts. And its drawing card is Whitley LMG, reminiscent of the M1919A6 Browning machine gun. The US military needed portable squad weapons with effective, sustained fire, and the M1919A6 was an attempt at such a solution. This gun was cumbersome and was eventually replaced in US service by the M60 machine gun in the 1960s.

Whitley LMG Vanguard Loadout

The Whitley LMG, brought to CoD in Season 2, is perhaps the best gun in CoD Vanguard right now. Available at Tier 31, the base weapon is not so terrible, except for the weird iron sights. Use the following attachments:

The G28 Сompensator goes for the recoil control. Then pick the 20” Ragdoll RE2 barrel for increased range, bullet velocity and easier recoil control. The Slate Reflector is still the best choice for optics. The CGC R2 Padded stock and M1941 Hand Stop are valuable to tame Whitley’s recoil.

Reload speed can also be an issue with this weapon, but the .50 BMG 150 Round Box can make you reload Whitley fewer times. Or, if you want to, switch to .30-06 120 Round Box to boost the reload speed. Combining magazines with Lengthened ammo will give you additional muzzle velocity, a decisive advantage.

We recommend you equip a Fabric Grip to get some of the ADS time back or Polymer Grip to increase sustained fire accuracy if providing suppressive fire suits your playstyle.

Pick Hardscope for proficiency slot to improve accuracy after shortly aiming down sights. And choose Fully Loaded as a kit to receive maximum ammo since you’re going to rain down bullets.

Keep up with our CoD weapon guide, and you’ll have a weapon that does not move when shooting and can kill in two shots.

Perks and Equipment for Whitley Class

Here’s a list of recommended perks and equipment to complete the Whitley class:

An SMG should accompany the Whitley LMG, so an Overkill perk is necessary. MP-40 SMG is a good choice. And a traditional combo, Thermite and Stim, as a finishing touch.

Written by PIVASIQUE.

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