New Map Overview: Storm Point

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The Paradise Island. Or Is It?

That huge juicy new season 11 smoothly launched at the beginning of November and bring us not only new Legend Ash and new weapon C.A.R. SMG both from Titanfall 2, it also welcomed us on the beaches of the planet Gaea, with a new map. Welcome the 4th map in the Apex Legends: Storm Point.

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New locations, exotic wildlife, gravity cannons, and the very same rules of Battle Royale: loot, fight, win.


Storm Point is a deserted island, part of Archipelago New Antillia on Planet Gaea—the place of birth for Crypto, Caustic, and Rampart. Once, the first IMC expeditions on the planet started here. Later, the island was considered off-limits alongside some other locations and rated as unsafe for the public. It was afterward deserted due to the IMC withdrawal from the Outlands. There was a permanent settlement established: we know it today as the city of Suotamo where located Ticacek Orphanage — the place where Crypto grew up.

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The IMC tried to use the power of unholdable tropical storms for their own good to supply the growing city with energy by building power-generating storm catchers on Storm Point, but, as they left The Outlands, the storm catchers fell into decay. Eventually, one got pulled down, but its absence exacerbated the storms that surrounded the island. Traveling across the island, thanks to Mercenary Syndicate—they decide to make Storm Point a new playground for their Apex games—we can find the remains of several different settlements built across the centuries, deserted. No doubt, the people of Gaea abandoned the island for many years, apart from some occasional scavengers.

Hot drops

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Antenna, Barometer, and Command Center are the most common hot drops where all the fun starts. And finishes for someone not lucky enough. It’s not usual to see 3-7 squads landing there, especially in pubs. Even if most of these places are marked as ‘Mid-tier’ loot zones, there are enough building or loot boxes to find almost anything. Some may say that those are Storm Point best landing spots.

Apex Legends Storm Point Secrets and Remarkable details

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Storm point has only one Jump Tower near the Highpoint. That’s why movement Legends, especially Valkyrie, her ultimate ability to redeploy the whole squad, is quite welcome on this map. And would those without wings direct their attention to the Gravity Cannons to outrun the ring. Nearby there is another point of interest mentioned before Command Center and its longest zipline, even 4 of them. Take a ride to reach the top of the mountain. Or almost the top, to be precise.

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Right now the island doesn’t have too many banners, so all the Crypto-mains cannot utilize their passive in its full potential—which leads to more people asking for a rework—and we might see one very soon!

Sometimes your squad can find themselves out in the open or even just in the sea, and there is no way to go—the last ring is closing. While such things weren’t planned by the developers, sometimes, it was quite an enjoyable experience to fight in the middle of nowhere and utilize any to no cover to heal or find a new way to move unpredictably to make yourself a harder target to hit. And annoying a bit, not gonna lie.


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But not only Legends you can meet on this beautiful and dangerous island. If Flyers are known creatures that carry some precious loot and were already presented on other maps, Prowler Dens out in the open is something new.

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Prowlers are aggressive and hunt in packs. On Storm Point they are patrolling near their Prowler Dens, there are several locations with them on the map. They will attack any trespassers—so keep your distance if you want to stay safe and remember—if you’ll attack them, more will emerge.

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You may see strange eggs around the island: if you break them, the spiders inside will displease that and will start to attack you. They are ranged damage dealers—spiting a web in your directions and repositioning quickly. Nests are located in the same places every time, marked by red icons on the map or red marks on the minimap. But have no fear: if you left the Nest’s area you will not be chased by Prowlers or Spiders. Cleaning a Nest of Spiders or Prowlers rewards you with some amount of the crafting material, equally among each squad member. It will also grant you some points towards your EVO Armor (Flyers do count as well). Another reason to battle the island’s fauna is Smart Loot Drops: you can find some consumables, helmets, ammo, and weapon attachments based on your squad loadout.


The weapons META wasn’t disturbed too much on the new map. Due to a lot of open areas and huge distances long-range guns, both snipers and marksman’s, feeling pretty good especially in the beginning (if you are not in the middle of a hot zone, of course).

Triple take is back on the ground, now on energy ammo, and it feels pretty decent even after a hotfix, which reduced its headshot multiplier to 1.75 (as it should be with any ground loot weapon). G7 Scout, which is now a care package weapon, got increased ammo reserves (to 140) and its multiplier was fixed as well, it was increased to 2. EVA-8 nerfed a bit, the damage is now 6 per pellet, but still feels pretty decent.

There are two new hop-ups this season: Busted Loader for Wingman and Hemlock and Dual Shell for Mastiff and 30-30. The Boosted Loader is very helpful when you reload your gun while low (but not empty) it greatly speeds up reload time and gives bonus ammo. The Dual Shell made reload For 30-30 Repeater and Mastiff twice as fast by allowing weapons to reload 2 rounds at a time, instead of 1.


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It’s nice to have some different unusual places to perform, even if at the beginning it’s not that comfortable. Is it the lighting or somebody pushing us? Nevermind. Players are getting used to new locations, discovering the best positions, creating tactics, and using all reachable instruments to become Apex Champions. And by all I mean have you tried to feed spiders or prowlers with your enemies? And while you are here, don’t you know where all the fish has gone?

Written by Huckleberry.

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