Apex Legends Mad Maggie Guide for Beginners: Season 21

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If you want to learn how to play Mad Maggie, we present you with the ultimate Apex Legends Mad Maggie guide for Season 21.

Mad Maggie is one of the best Apex Legends characters for both beginners and advanced players. Her abilities are geared towards close combat to bring mayhem and destruction. So, let’s get to know Maggie better! Don’t be afraid, she doesn’t bite (or does she?)

Who is Mad Maggie?

Mad Maggie’s real name is Margaret Kōhere, and she’s 56 years old. Maggie was born on Salvo, which remained independent of Syndicate Space until recently. Being an orphan like Fuse (Walter Fitzroy), the two became childhood friends and remained inextricably linked for decades. In the end, Fuse, in Maggie’s opinion, betrayed Salvo by going to the Apex Games, which the Syndicate sponsors. While Maggie was the warlord of Salvo’s mercenary warband, “The Cracked Talon,” fought against the Syndicate.

Before leaving Salvo, Fuse met with Mad Maggie, and they fought. During the fight, Maggie angrily pulled the pin of the Golden Grenade, which had been their talisman since childhood and a symbol of their friendship. The explosion of this grenade tore off Fuse’s right arm.

Mad Maggie was later captured by Syndicate mercenaries and placed in the Apex Games as punishment for her opposition and terrorist acts. Mad Maggie speaks Māori.

Why Play Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Mad Maggie is one of the best aggressive Legends in Apex. She’s a great entry fragger, according to Ranked players. It means she can effectively start a fight, especially at close range, and also successfully retreat to recover. Plus, she’s fun to play as. Her abilities are also helpful for her squad. We think Mad Maggie is an A-tier character in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mad Maggie’s Strengths

Mad Maggie is absolutely deadly in close combat. She can also help her squad with rotation, rushing enemies, assault initiation, and holding locations.

Apex Legends Mad Maggie’s Weaknesses

Mad Maggie is weak in long-range combat. She’s also unable to defend buildings. In addition, her abilities are countered by Wattson’s Ultimate.

Mad Maggie Abilities

Mad Maggie’s abilities are Warlord’s Ire, Riot Drill, and Wrecking Ball. As you can tell only from the names, her abilities are aimed at a more aggressive playstyle. However, frontal attack is not their only use. So, let’s take a closer look at Mad Maggie’s abilities!


Mad Maggie is an Assault Legend. It means she can carry more ammo in every single inventory slot:

In addition, Mad Maggie has access to a secret compartment in red Weapon Supply Bins, which always contains “smart loot” attachments for her and her team or a weapon if she opens the Weapon Bin unarmed.

Passive Ability: Warlord’s Ire

Temporarily highlight enemies you’ve damaged. Move faster with shotguns.

Useful information:

Tactical Ability: Riot Drill

Fire a drill (Q) that attaches to an obstacle and burns enemies on the other side. The cooldown is 20 seconds.

Useful information:

Ultimate Ability: Wrecking Ball

Throw a ball (Z) that releases speed-boosting pads and detonates near enemies. Charge time is 120 seconds.

Useful information:

Mad Maggie Legend Upgrades

Starting with Season 20, each Legend received four upgrades available in every Battle Royale game. It’s two additional skills per match.

Level 2 Upgrades

Fireball turns Maggie’s Wrecking Ball into a huge Thermite Grenade. It can cause colossal damage to enemies in a small, enclosed space.

Level 3 Upgrades

In this case, it’s better to choose an additional drill charge.

Tips and Tricks to Play Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

Utilize Close Combat

“You know the difference between me and a shotgun? Not. A damn. Thing.” Since Maggie’s Tactical and Ultimate cooldowns are very short, feel free to use them in every fight or escape. Always take a shotgun and keep it equipped to be ready for a fight. Master all shotguns.

Smoke Out Enemies from Covers

“Ain’t no hiding from Maggie. Except the hiding you GET from Maggie.” Use Tactical if the enemy hides behind cover to lure them out or finish them off. Use Thermite Grenades or Tactical to keep enemies highlighted for an extended duration. If an enemy squad is barricaded in a building, it’s time to use Ultimate: the ball will break down doors, damage enemies, and stun them, providing an excellent window for an attack.

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Utilize Speed Boost

“Kia kaha and bring it on.” Take advantage of Mad Maggie’s speed with shotguns during combat to quickly close with the enemy or better dodging in a firefight. If you and your squad need to retreat or rotate, you can use Maggie’s ball as an accelerator by throwing it forward in a straight line.

Mad Maggie Loadout Recommendations

Mad Maggie’s kit is designed for close combat. Shotgun is Mad Maggie’s best friend, so make sure you always have one equipped to initiate a fight instantly. You can also use rapid-fire weapons to finish off an enemy up close quickly. EVA-8 Auto is the fastest-firing shotgun, which covers both categories at once. Or take a long-range weapon in the second slot so as not to sag at medium and long distances.

(Source: Respawn Entertainment)

For example, in the first slot, you can take Peacekeeper with Disruptor Rounds to quickly break the enemy’s shields, and in the second slot, Mozambique with Hammerpoint Rounds to finish them off. Yes, you can play as Mad Maggie with only two shotguns easily.

Loadout examples:


Now you know how to play Mad Maggie in Apex Legends. She’s one of the most dynamic, aggressive, and fight-oriented Legends. Mad Maggie is good in a squad with Bloodhound, Alter, Newcastle, and Conduit, as well as her ex-best friend Fuse, to bring havoc like good old times.

Share in the comments what new things you learned from this guide and which Legend you would like to learn next!

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