Apex Legends: Hardest badges to unlock

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Show Them Your Wrath

There is no better way to show off your skill, passion, and try-hard coolness in Apex Legends, than the toughest in-game rewards—badges you can get only for being exceptionally good at the game.

Battle Royale / Account Rewards

Putting aside obvious Apex Predator’s ranked reward, let’s begin with the Battle Royale Account reward. That means once accomplished, this badge will be accessible for all Legends.

Introducing Long Shot. It’s relatively easy to get this one: you can have it if you down a player from distance greater than 300 meters. Just a good sniper shot and it’s all yours!

Source: Alpha Intel

Well, the warmup is ended, let’s bring heavy artillery now. One of the latest addition: Win Steak. It differs from the Hot Streak as it’s not tied to a Legend and it’ll require to win every consecutive game. It has four tiers signifying the length of your longest win streak: 2, 3, 4, or 5. Can you handle that race? The reward is worth it!

Battle Royale / Account Rewards / Pre-made Team

Let’s talk about badges that will require a pre-made Team. Whether you leaving No Witnesses to tell the story, with a full pre-made squad, killing 15 players, and no one who your squad downs is ever revived or resurrected. Or if you mastered the most important thing in Apex Legends: Team Work. By managing to get in one game 10 kills for each player in the pre-maid squad. These badges will show how powerful your trio can be or how scary it could be—fighting against you.

Grab your friends and make sure that your party wreaks everyone on their way—no quarter given.

Battle Royale / Legend Specific Rewards

Moving on to something spicier Legend Specific Badges. These badges you will have to unlock for every Legend separately.

First of all, badges you can get with some luck, time, or both invested.

Probably easiest of them, Double Duty. To get it you’ll have to win a game where you were the Kill Leader and the Champion.

Source: Apex Legends Wiki

To level up a challenge: Assassin. For the last and the most prestigious level, you have to play 100 games with 5 or more kills.

And then, test for your speed, Rapid Elimination. Are you capable of down 4 enemies within 20 seconds? If so, it’s yours to take.

Traverse deeper in the game’s achievement you can find Triple Triple. There is no connection with the Triple take, you simply have to kill all 3 members of 3 squads in the same match.

Later on, the famous and widely respected Legend’s Wake also known as 20 bomb, which is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll have to kill at least 20 enemies in one game to get this one. It’s not easy even if you have a decent squad by your side: you have to plan your rotation and strategize effectively, not only play for fun. You have t know almost everything whats going on in your game, or just be very-very lucky to get it.

And the most known accompaniment is Legend’s Wrath. The most desired level IV will require to deal 4,000 damage in a single game. Only the toughest fight, exceptional skill, and good game sense can bring it to you.


But Apex Legends is more than Battle Royale. There are Arenas available for each and everyone, and there is a Badge to display your expertise at it. It’s tied to your win streak (ether Impress Me or its version) and the most standing out will be this bade evolved to 100 wins in a row, looking like this:

Source: Respawn

And it’s probably all we have for now. There are a lot of interesting ideas out there on the internet, and devs, surely, monitor them somehow, so maybe will see more fascinating badges later on.

What are your most desired badges? What badges would you like to add, what is not in the game right now?

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