Apex Legends Mid Season Leaks

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The First split of Apex Season 14 Ranked is over, and it’s time to take a sneak peek into the future of Apex Legends. Unfortunately, the game’s creator studio Respawn is not entirely open about it, and the only semi-reliable sources are left for the players to look into. That means all sorts of leaks, like new things in game files and some information from various sources. Here is all the information available for players from data miners, insiders, playtesters, and YouTubers: all the Apex Legends Leaks for the future season. The topics we’re covering today are the Apex’s new Legend, next heirloom, new map, new recolors, and even more, so strap in and let’s go!

Apex Legend Recent Leaks

To quickly sort, it may be said that the leaks have three major parts. First is all the new season updates – new Legend, new map, new heirloom. Second is new skins and recolors, including that reactive Flatline recolor (yes, it’s true). And the last part consists of more Titanfall stuff on its way to apex legends.

Apex New Legend

One of the most critical parts of the game is, of course, the Legends themself. Every season, Respawn introduces a new champion to compete at the Apex Games, and season 15 will not be an exception. As for the competitor’s identity – there are several possible variations, as many apex legends characters leaked a couple of seasons ago, but the most probable one is the Legend internally called Catalyst. She is a new defensive character with an interesting ability to reinforce structures. Here is a video from ThordanSmash that goes in-depth with all the Catalyst kit:

She already has her animation finished in the game’s files, along with some other cosmetics, which means she is ready to launch.

Apex Next Heirloom – Seer Mythic Weapon

Let’s talk about the most anticipated thing, as well as the most exciting lore-wise, new heirloom. For the known information, the new prestige melee weapon players going to get in season 15 will most likely belong to Seer – Ambush Artist. And there are already some hints that in season 16, the Legend set to get an heirloom is Horizon.

Proving the Seer heirloom in Season 15 theory – some data miners, including KralRindo, find new mythical animations and cosmetics for Seer (mythic rarity also known as heirloom rarity or red-tier).

This means his Banner pose, Intro Quip, and Weapon are probably ready to launch. Another hint is the Seer storyline developing right now that players saw in the small video on the official Apex Legends Twitter – an interview (link to vid) and later mentioned in this season’s comics.

Next Map

The next map is set to release with the new Season 15. The Divided Moon Map was first leaked in early 2022, but since that time, while the map was in an early development state, significant changes appear to have been made, and now the map is looking ready to roll. If the predictions about the Divided Moon being Season 15 new map are correct, the Storm point will most likely be out of the rotation for a while, and the Divided Moon will take its place instead.

And to add to what already mentioned, the next map Apex Legend players will get is directly tied with Seer’s lore. The map is theorized to be the moon of Boreas, Cleo, which Apex players last saw being broken apart by a meteor struck in Seer’s Stories from the Outlands, “Metamorphosis.” As a result of that blast, the moon lost a significant portion of its landmass. The moon’s condition has been rapidly deteriorating since and is stated to cause many disasters on the planet Boreas. Because of that, according to records, if nothing is done, Boreas will be unlivable in 50-70 years. Many citizens have blamed Seer due to a folktale known as “The Moth and the Flame, which fueled planet-wide belief in a curse of the moth. The fact that Obi Edolasim, known to Apex players as Seer, was born at the exact moment as the meteor struck the moon didn’t help either. The people of Boreas saw this, as well as his chilling blue eyes, as a bad omen and named Edolasim a cursed child.

As Seer has learned to use that as his drive, stating that “those who push you away, push you to greater heights” by choosing to perform in Arenas, where he has become popular among those who saw themselves as outcasts. Eventually, he joined the Apex Game as Seer. Yet, during his time in the Games, people on Boreas grew dissatisfied with what little their most famous citizen was doing to help their planet. The polling mentioned by Lisa Stone in the Outlands TV interview showed people of Boreas aired grievances that he simply “spouted inspirational phrases.” During the interview, Stone deviated from the agreed-upon questions, using it as an attempted character assassination against Seer and trying to paint him as uncaring towards the fate of his home world.

From this season’s in-game comics, players knew that after the interview, Edolasim’s reputation among the people of Boreas plummeted, with many of his symbols being vandalized. Meanwhile, mass protests broke out, with Boreas’s citizens wishing for something to be done about their dying world. Seer attended one of these demonstrations in disguise, wishing to connect with the people and tell them his true feelings. Luckily, Rampat stopped him from going out, knowing that the crowd would likely attack him. She also mentioned the Apex Games, which gave Obi Edolasim the idea that bringing the Games to Boreas would help the planet economically and socially. He decided to speak with Eduardo Silva about bringing the Games to his world, which makes an assumption about the Divided Moon map being a Cleo Moon almost cemented.

The map is smaller than the previous one, Strom Point, but bigger than the original Kings Canyon. It has unique features like a massive gap between two parts – divided, a rail-like zipline system all across the map, an incredible skybox, several interesting POIs, and an overall unique experience.

Map teasers are already in progress, like these two tweets from the official Apex Legends Twitter account:

It’s already known that, eventually, players will get a golden ticket that will take them on a tour to the new map.

The full video is already leaked by many content creators on youtube. Here is a full Map Gameplay showcased by Thordan Smash

Apex Legends New Moon Map Gameplay Season 15

Yet it might be better to wait a little longer to experience this teaser the way Respawn designed it.

New Recolors

Some refreshed cosmetics were found in files, a fan’s favorite Thunder Kitty Wattson recolor showcased by KralRindo here:

And, most interestingly, Flatline Reactive Recolor, shown here, also by KralRindo:

Unfortunately, it looks like reactive recolors for weapons might become another Mythic item with a hefty price tag alongside that rarity. The recolor was removed from the game files with the new apex mid-season update.

And a couple more news about the possible future LTMs. Once Respawn said that Titanfall is a core of their DNA, it looks like they decided to refresh and use some of the Titanfall 2 maps in the new upcoming LTM. While Apex and Titanfall are set in one universe, old maps might be tied for both games’ lore. KralRindo found a list of the Titanfall maps in the game files.

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