Rumors: WoW Retail May Come to GeForce NOW

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Speculation is rife that WoW retail may come to GeForce NOW soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Speculation arises about WoW retail potentially launching on GeForce NOW.
  • Redditor Neptilen has uncovered compelling evidence suggesting WoW retail’s arrival on NVIDIA’s cloud-based gaming service.
  • Despite promising performance enhancements, GeForce NOW’s current lack of support for third-party downloads affects addon usage.

The rumors surrounding WoW retail potentially coming to GeForce NOW stem from findings by Reddit user Neptilen. According to the Reddit thread, it seems Blizzard is planning for WoW to be playable on GeForce NOW. Below are the images from Neptilen’s datamining efforts:

What Is GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s cloud-based game streaming service. It allows gaming across various devices without requiring high-end hardware. By purchasing a subscription, users can access a library of games and enjoy high-quality graphics and performance. GeForce NOW also allows users to stream games on platforms like Steam and Uplay. Leveraging NVIDIA’s technology, the service delivers smooth and responsive gameplay experiences over the internet, making it a popular choice for gamers looking to enjoy their favorite titles without the need for costly equipment.

And so, gamers with solid internet connections but modest hardware can expect notable performance improvements that could transform their gaming experience. However, at the moment, GeForce NOW’s policy doesn’t support third-party downloads. As a result, players might have to get used to playing without addons, which will be a huge setback.

Addons have always been a part of the WoW experience. They help simplify various aspects of gameplay, from dungeon and raid runs to navigation, gold farming, and more. So, having to play without them is like confronting a boss without any gear or weapons equipped.

So, what do you think about this development? Are you ready to trade addons for performance enhancements? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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