Best Mythic Plus Weakauras for Dragonflight Season 3

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Dragonflight Season 3 has recently begun. It hauls along an updated Mythic+ Dungeon Pool with six dungeons belonging to past World of Warcraft eras. Many old mechanics have been slightly updated to better suit the current meta. It makes WeakAuras an even more important addon to cope with new and old challenges. This article will briefly introduce you to the addon’s main functions and come up with the best Season 3 Mythic Plus Weakauras.

What is WeakAuras?

WeakAuras can help you beat the every WoW boss with ease

Dragonflight WeakAuras goal is to help you conveniently organize your UI. In its terminology, Auras are all the UI elements you create with the addon. You can customize the font, size, and color of the text of the created Aura. In the case of Progress Bar Auras, you can adjust Time Precision, set the Maximum/Minimum Progress of a bar, type of bar’s Border, and other things.

Grouping is the addon’s key feature. It’s used to link different Auras to each other. The most attractive option is to configure a Dynamic Group. Such a Group allows players to track various constantly changing effects. They can be either your buffs or enemy debuffs. Using WeakAura, you can sort them by remaining duration to know when this or that effect ends.

The variety of animations is pleasantly surprising. You can make an Aura glow, shake, jump, or slide in any direction in your own Weakaura or the imports.

Triggers and Conditions

The Triggers and Conditions tabs are used to determine when and why the UI elements will be shown. For instance, a Group appearance may be triggered by some effect’s number of stacks. This parameter is configured with the Stack Count field.

Some Auras configurations may allow them to work only under very specific conditions. They can be certain Talent Selected, a Player’s Level, a Player Dungeon Role, a type of Battle or Group status, and even a character’s location in a certain Zone or Raid.


The addon has extensions like SharedMedia or WeakAuras Companion. They have the means to expand or improve the addon’s flexible functionality further. SharedMedia adds even more custom textures. Meanwhile, WeakAuras Companion allows players to quickly import Auras from the database.

Finally, one more WeakAuras’ serious advantage for M+ is its high-quality CPU optimization. Loading all the customized UI elements usually won’t badly affect your machine’s performance even in a raid. A detailed video by blogger Hrothmar can be recommended for a deeper dive into the addon’s settings. But now, let’s proceed to the list of top WeakAuras for Season 3.

Top Weakauras for Season 3

M+ Dragonflight Dungeons Weakaura Pack by Causese

One of the most popular packs on was created by Causese. It’s already updated for Season 3. Click on the Enabled Auras tab, and you’ll see many progress bars and icons with abbreviations like BRH and DHT. In this context, these Auras are associated with particular encounters in the Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket instances. Possessing these Auras proves advantageous, not just when farming solo, but they also prove beneficial if you choose to engage in farming with a professional carry service like Dragonflight Item Level Boost.

These Auras encapsulate both nasty trash and dangerous bosses. This pack comes with special custom sounds. It’s also possible to install it with HD icon textures. 

M+ Dragonflight Dungeons Pack by N0thing

A less popular pack was made by a user with the nickname N0thing. This pack has even more WeakAuras for the encounters of Mythic+ Dragonflight Dungeons. However, many of them track much less important mechanics of bosses and trash mobs.

This can prevent you from concentrating on the key ones, especially if you play on a Tank. The abundance of AI-generated sounds for all debuffs can also be a hindrance. Fortunately, each sound can be easily disabled.


Reloe’s Mythic Plus timer Weakaura goes beyond a simple countdown display for the remaining time you’ll have to wait. The comprehensive percentage scale indicator offers great support as well. Most importantly, this indicator shows how much percentage you’ll receive for the current pack of mobs. It can be very helpful in planning the next pull right in the middle of battle.

Teleports and Key Levels

The WeakAura made by Demikas#11384 carries out two functions important for the Keys farm. With it, the M+ Dungeons tab becomes more stylish, useful, and informative at the same time. It provides detailed data on your Keys and adds clickable Teleport buttons. Each button works only if its instance is finished at Level 20 or higher.

If you’re seeking a prompt and reliable service to secure your Mythic Keystone achievement, don’t hesitate to order a Custom Mythic Keystone Boost for the assistance you need!

Party Member Interrupts Tracker

Keeping in mind everyone’s interrupting casts and asking about their readiness in the group chat might be difficult. Interrupts Trackers solve this problem by showing remaining cooldowns for the casts of each party member. Many similar addons can be found on

The ones suggested by ArnesMeyer and Jodsderechte are the most up-to-date for now. Such a Weakaura may prove its usefulness both in raid instances and Mythic Plus dungeon. Be sure to play with these things even if normally you farm M+ through our Dragonflight Mythic Boosts!

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Mobs Automarkers

The Aura packs created by megawatt and qweek perform a simple but necessary function. It’ll be especially appreciated by a Tank player. With them, you no longer need to manually mark trash with the most dangerous casts before each battle. They’ll be marked when a mouse is hovered over, or as soon as they enter a fight. It depends on the selected mode. The order in which the marks are set is easily adjusted in settings. Such a Weakaura will also be useful during raid and public event farming.

Lazy Lust Reminder

Last but not least — or rather, lust but not least, — you can both benefit and have fun from MetalMusicMan’s Lazy Lust Reminder.

This WeakAura will loudly and noticeably remind you to press Bloodlust or its other classes’ equivalent. A spam-like notification will spare you only if BL can’t be pressed right now for some reason like a debuff. Although you’d likely prefer to turn it off while playing on Tank before a hard encounter.


This was the list of WeakAuras you should definitely have for successful Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ runs. Of course, it’d be better to check them out personally and have your own WeakAura pack for the new Season. Also, be sure to check our other guides — for instance, a recently released WoW Dragonflight 10.2 M+ Affix Tier List.

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