10 Best WoW Addons for Beginners 2024

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Are you new to World of Warcraft? Then here are the 10 best WoW addons for beginners 2024 that will make your life easier!

Key Takeaways

  • WoW Addons are player-created modifications enhancing WoW’s UI and capabilities. They are essential for every player.
  • There are two ways to install WoW addons: through the CurseForge website and through the CurseForfe application. More details can be found below.
  • Top 10 Addons for Beginners: Leatrix Plus, GTFO, Deadly Boss Mods, WeakAuras, Details!, Pawn, TomTom, HandyNotes, and Bagnon.

Despite the ongoing UI improvements with each expansion, millions of players still use addons for added convenience in various activities such as Dungeons, Raids, and gold farming. Below, we have compiled a list of the 10 Best WoW Addons for Beginners to simplify your journey in WoW retail. If you want to explore WoW Classic or take part in Season of Discovery, we have also got your back with a list of useful addons for each of them right here:

What Are WoW Addons

World of Warcraft addons, or mods, are player-created modifications that enhance the game’s UI and capabilities. Serving various purposes such as visual customization and tracking cooldowns, they are widely popular and nearly essential for every WoW player.

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How To Install WoW Addons

There are two basic guides on how to install WoW addons via CurseForge

Install WoW Addons from the CurseForge App

Using the CurseForge application is currently the best way to install WoW addons. Follow the link and you’ll find a detailed description of this tool and the instructions on its installation. To install the addon you need:

Unfortunately, not all addons are available here, so sometimes you’ll have to install and update them manually from CurseForge’s website.

Install WoW Addons from the CurseForge Website

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit CurseForge’s website and download it there by following these steps:

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: Leatrix Plus

Best WoW Addons For Beginners

Leatrix Plus by Leatrix enhances key aspects of WoW gameplay for beginners. It offers features like automatically accepting Guild and Party invitations, removing gray junk when interacting with vendors, customizable item handling, and automation of tasks like Resurrection, Summoning, Quest acceptance, and skipping unnecessary cutscenes.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: GTFO

GTFO, a WoW UI addon by Zensunim, aids WoW beginners in challenging encounters by providing loud warnings for harmful boss or trash mechanics. It alerts players before in-game effects occur, proving especially useful for those with minimal graphic settings. GTFO operates efficiently without causing significant CPU strain.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

DeadlyBossMods, created by MysticalOS, simplifies tracking key boss and trash mechanics in WoW. It provides clear notifications for immediate actions, such as interrupting specific skills, and marks enemies with symbols. Sound notifications, adjustable to personal preferences, accompany visual cues. While less crucial at lower levels, DBM becomes essential for both beginners and veterans at higher levels, particularly for inexperienced players using a level boost to reach the expansion’s cap.

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Best WoW Addons For Beginners: KuiNamePlates

KuiNameplates, created by Kesavaa, is one of the best nameplate addons for WoW beginners. Enhancing both aesthetics and information, it displays key details like Rogue’s combo points, buffs, debuffs, and spell durations in a visually appealing manner. KuiNameplates offers easy customization of main features and skins to suit individual preferences without diving into detailed settings.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: WeakAuras

If you desire visible reminders for expiring buffs, WeakAuras by Stanzilla is a must-have WoW addon. It allows the creation of UI elements, called Auras, which can be grouped into Dynamic Groups. These groups cover important cooldowns, progress bars for buffs or debuffs, boss or trash skill timers, and more. You can customize their placement and appearance conditions, or easily download pre-made Auras from wago.io. It offers templates for various classes, specs, bosses, and player activities at all levels.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: Details!

For WoW beginners, performance-measuring addons are crucial to assess spec effectiveness, talent builds, and individual contributions. Terciob’s Details! is a recommended choice, providing an easy-to-master interface with essential DPS tracking functions. It also offers detailed insights into party member deaths, dispels, healing, and damage received. This addon is beneficial for beginners to practice tracking individual and team output from the start of their journey.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: Pawn

Pawn, by TravisSpomer, is a useful gear management addon that simplifies the process of comparing and selecting the best gear for a character’s spec. It conducts thorough stat comparisons, allowing users to customize weights, compare items, and track multiple specs simultaneously for an optimized gear choice.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: TomTom

TomTom, developed by jnwhiteh, stands out as a top WoW addon for new players with its customizable navigation arrow guiding you to your current quest target. TomTom allows users to easily input coordinates and displays a correct route. It addresses issues where Retail’s UI or quest descriptions lack sufficient information, eliminating the need for external guides or Wowhead searches.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: HandyNotes

HandyNotes by Xinhuan enhances your map with icons for tracking rare creatures, treasures, Achievements items, and more during leveling or farming. For example, in Dragonflight, it aids in tracking Dragonriding Glyphs and World Quests. Explore HandyNotes plugins for additional tracking options.

Best WoW Addons For Beginners: Bagnon

Bagnon by jaliborc consolidates individual bags into one, allowing quicker and easier item browsing. It supports inventory organization with filters and synergizes effectively with the Pawn addon, displaying green arrows to highlight superior items for enhanced inventory management in your bags. This combination makes managing your inventory a lot simpler.


And with that, we wrap up our list of top 10 WoW addons for new players. Don’t hesitate to explore additional addons to maximize your enjoyment of playing WoW!

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