Dragonflight: 8 Best Addons for Mythic Plus

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Here are the 8 best addons for Mythic Plus in Dragonflight that will make your runs butter smooth!

Key Takeaways:

  • Angry Keystones and Mythic Dungeon Tools will help you track the M+ run progress better. 
  • Make use of LittleWigs, Plater Nameplates, and OmniCD to gather information on the screen in a more convenient way and be aware of incoming mechanics.
  • Use Premade Group Filter to find a party for M+ run quicker.
  • Test various WeakAuras M+ Aura packs to improve UI and check your alts progress with Altoholic.

M+ dungeons are one of the most challenging endgame PvE activities, especially at high Keystone levels. Without addons, it’s almost impossible for many to finish these instances. So, here are the 8 best Mythic Plus addons for WoW Dragonflight. 

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: Mythic Dungeon Tools

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

Mythic Dungeon Tools by Nnoggie is one of the best WoW Mythic Plus addons for planning pull strategies. It maps out dungeon enemies and calculates M+ progress bar changes upon defeating them. It provides detailed information on each enemy’s skills and stats, allowing flexible trash pack pulls.

MDT is the perfect M+ addon to build a dungeon route. It can configure maps based on loaded premade routes and supports in-game route sharing.

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: Omni CD

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

OmniCD is a cooldown tracker made by Treebonker. Its main function is to display the readiness of all your allies’ cooldowns. Spell icons are located next to the bars displaying the names, HP, Mana, buffs, and debuffs. Interrupts’ and Crowd-Control effects’ cooldowns are shown in separate eponymous windows.

These features make OmniCD one of the best WoW healing and tanking addons. It helps the Tank monitor the party’s readiness for a pull and aids the Healer in prioritizing who to save first in dangerous encounters.

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: WeakAuras

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

WeakAuras by Stanzilla is used in many WoW Dragonflight activities apart from Mythic Plus. It enables custom UI elements called Auras to track your cooldowns, boss and trash mechanics, duration of buffs and debuffs, etc. You can import premade WeakAuras packs created by the WoW community. Experienced players have developed many multifunctional Packs to track the party’s interrupts CD, make the M+ Timer more convenient, and more. Be sure to use our Best Mythic Plus Weakauras for Dragonflight Season 3 guide to learn more about them.

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: Angry Keystones

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

Angry Keystones by Ermads enhances in-game tracking of dungeon progress by adding Bonus Chest timer trackers near the main timer. In addition, your enemies’ tooltips will show the exact percentage that they’ll add to the M+ progress bar upon death. It also displays ally deaths and the corresponding time lost due to their demise.

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Best Addons for Mythic Plus: Premade Group Filter

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

Premade Groups Filter is another Mythic Plus addon by baerenhard. It enhances the default LFG Premade Groups UI for quicker teammate selection. The Filter button allows you to specify the minimum and maximum M+ rating of potential allies. It also filters parties by composition. For example, make the list not show you the ones that already have a Healer or a Tank. The addon can even help you sort the parties by their creation time (for instance, not less than 2 minutes).

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: LittleWigs

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

BigWigs and LittleWigs by Funkeh are popular and worthy alternatives to Deadly Boss Mods in Dragonflight. Like DBM, these addons track all the boss and trash mechanics, providing preventative advice and notifications for harmful effects with timers. 

BigWigs is for Raids, and LittleWigs is for Dungeons, so you only need the latter for M+. LittleWigs has more detailed customization than DBM. But to get started, open the addon menu and click the Show Moving Anchors button. By clicking it, you add several bars on the screen. One displays incoming mechanics in the next 30-60 seconds. The second tracks the effects coming in the next 10 seconds. And the third bar displays mechanics that are already taking place. 

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: Plater Nameplates

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

Default nameplates are not informative for Mythic Plus farm in WoW Dragonflight. Various UI addons can fix this problem, and Plater Nameplates by Terciob is one of the best options. It introduces visually appealing bars displaying the HP of characters and NPCs, along with buffs and debuffs. Their spell casts will be displayed under the HP bars. It allows you to quickly and effectively interrupt and CC them. 

In Plater Nameplates, everything can be customized: font, sizes, color, etc. But usually, the default settings are sufficient even for experienced players. The addon also supports downloading other players’ custom profiles, like the one suggested by Quazii.

Best Addons for Mythic Plus: Altoholic

WoW Best Addons for Mythic Plus

Altoholic by thaokyaltoholic is the best Mythic Plus addon to track your alts’ M+ progress. It conveniently displays M+ ratings, keystone levels, and other key information in a compact window. No need to log out or alt-tab to the browser anymore. 


This was our list of the top 8 Dragonflight M+ addons. If you’re new to WoW, check out our Dragonflight Mythic Plus Guide for Newbies to learn more about the basics of Mythic Plus farm. If you’re an experienced player, don’t hesitate to suggest your own top addons for M+ in the comments! 

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