Former Activision Blizzard Employee Broke Down After Layoffs

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Following the layoffs affecting 1,900 people, a former Activision Blizzard employee broke down.

Key Takeaways

  • A former Activision Blizzard employee, ueajaski, shared on Reddit about their situation after the staff-cutting that affected 1,900 employees.
  • During their 13 years working for Blizzard, they faced abusive behavior from their superior, including derogatory remarks and personal attacks. However, they chose to stay loyal to the company because of their love for Blizzard’s games.
  • Being suddenly cut off from Blizzard leaves ueajaski shocked, devastated, and uncertain about the future.
  • Members of the gaming community express support for ueajaski, but acknowledge the harsh realities of corporate decisions.

A former Activision Blizzard employee recently shared their side of the story on Reddit. Under the nickname ueajaski, said employee admitted that this staff-cutting situation has left them uncertain about their future. Their journey began when they chose to forsake a six-figure salary as an electrical engineer to join Blizzard’s technical QA department. Despite starting at a humble $11.50/hour as a temp, their passion for Blizzard’s games fueled their dedication. After all, they have been a fan of Blizzard for 30 years.

Former Activision Blizzard Employee Broke Down After Layoffs

They devoted 13 years to Blizzard. During their time at the company, they faced various abusive and morally questionable behaviors from their superiors:

“It was a rough start with an abusive boss who said “I f****** hate you” to me when I made a joke about liking Apple products, he also made fun of one of my hardest working colleagues for having diabetes, I thought about leaving after the first few months there. But I really loved our games, and felt like I sacrificed to get to where I was and didn’t want to throw it away. On a trip to Vegas a different manager said “you look like a f*g” to me. Same dude cheated on his wife and kids with my direct boss, got her pregnant, and then left her (my boss) when she was 8 months pregnant. I worked through some real s***heads, but I loved the company so much, I stuck with it.”

— ueajaski

All the while, ueajaski endured mountains of personal tragedies. Despite these hardships, the employee remained committed to the company. They consistently received positive performance reviews until 2023. And so, when they were unexpectedly informed of their layoff due to staff reductions, they were profoundly shocked. ueajaski was, and maybe still is, devastated and uncertain about the future. There is more to their story, so you may want to consider checking out their original Reddit post:

In the comment section, several members of the WoW community extend sympathy to the former Activision Blizzard employee. However, they also highlight the cold reality of corporations nowadays:

The layoffs at Activision Blizzard and Xbox stand out as one of the most shocking developments in the gaming industry as of late. It undeniably presents a challenging period for the 1,900 affected employees and the remaining staffs.

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