7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

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Check out our list of addons for mount collectors that you will definitely need!

MMOs are known for the various collectibles you can get in the game, and World of Warcraft is not an exception. The game provides players with the opportunity to fill their collections with various collectibles, be it pets, various equipment for transmog, achievements, and more. Among them, mounts reign supreme as the most sought-after items of Azeroth’s champions.

Over the years, more and more mounts have arrived in WoW. Anyone can find a handful of mounts to their tastes, fitting every role and class and matching any transmog. Whatever fantasy you have, we are sure WoW has a mount to suit that.

Getting those mounts, though, is another question. They are hidden behind every piece of content, be it dungeons, raids, PvP, you name it. So, we are here to present you with the 7 best addons for mount collectors. Whether you are a collecting enthusiast or hoarder of rare mounts, we are sure you will find something helpful for your quest to enrich your collection. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

All The Things

7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

First on our list is an absolute classic of a WoW collector addon, All the Things. It is not used just for mounts, but for anything one wishes to collect. What it does is show the list of all the rare collectibles in your current area and the activities required to get them. Created and constantly kept updated by Crieve and their team, this addon may be the best choice if you just need one thing that does it all. You can get it here.

Mount Collection Log

7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

This addon acts, as its name suggests, as a Mount Collection Log. It keeps track of all the mounts you have yet to obtain, separating them neatly by expansion. Although it does not provide detailed guides on how to get every mount, it allows you to track your progress and see what you still need, acting as a mount planner. It was created by CamYam and can be downloaded here


7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

Although not primarily used as a collecting addon, Handynotes is helpful. It increases the information you can get from the in-game map. It applies all the various points of interest to it, such as events, chests, rare spawns, etc. What it also does is provide a brief explanation of what to do to get the reward, without any need to go search the internet. The only downside is that it needs additional plugins to provide the desired info, like this one for Dragonflight created by Kemayo. Handynotes was made by Xinhuan and can be found here

Mount Collector

7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

Mount Collector is a good alternative to All The Things. It works similarly, providing you a rundown of mounts you are missing in various zones, dungeons, raids, etc. Consider this option instead if All The Things provides too much unnecessary info. Created by InSpectreGadget, you can download it here.  


7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

Another contender on the spot of your primary mount tracker is Rarity. Like All The Things and Mount Collector, this addon provides information on where and what mounts you can get. Rarity keeps statistics such as the number of kills of every boss and elite, approximate drop rate, etc. It even gives you a grade based on how lucky you are. If you want to add an extra layer to mount collecting and turn it into a test-your-luck competition, this addon by Cakecharts is made for you. Here’s the download link for Rarity.  

Mount Journal Enhanced

7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

Mount Journal Enhanced does nothing to help you obtain mounts, but it expands the in-game mount tab to a level that your collection deserves. Various filters allow you to effortlessly access desired mounts in a list or see how rare this mount is across the player base. Some settings reveal to you even secret mount models, animations, and more so you can be 100% sure the mount you’re going for is worth farming for. Get your collection the treatment it deserves with this addon by eXochron. You can get it here.

Saved Instances

7 Must-Have WoW Addons for Mount Collectors

Saved Instances isn’t a mount tracker. However, it helps you keep track of the raids and dungeons you’ve completed on each character during daily and weekly lockouts. Since many mounts are hidden in instances, and you can attempt to run raids/dungeons for a limited number of times, remembering everything becomes nearly impossible, especially across multiple characters. But with this Addon by jokeyrhyme, you can do that easily. You can get it here.


And this is it for your 7 addons for mount farming. We hope this article was of use to you and helps with your search. Don’t forget, the road to gather mountains is a long one. So have patience and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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