10.2.5: Blizzard Fixed Gilnean Noble’s Suit Transmog

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Blizzard fixed the Gilnean Noble’s Suit transmog to address players’ dissatisfaction with the underwhelming Reclaiming Gilneas questline.

Key Takeaways

  • Reclaiming Gilneas questline fell short of player expectations, causing disappointment in many aspects. Players are especially unhappy with the Gilnean Noble’s Suit.
  • Blizzard fixed the Gilnean Noble’s Suit transmog in response to Reclaiming Gilneas questline criticism.
  • The updated design adds volume and depth, including extended coat and undershirt, billowed sleeves, and fuller boots.
  • While many fans appreciate the prompt fix, some still find the revised set lacking the expected dark and gritty essence of a Worgen fighter.

The Reclaiming Gilneas questline has fallen short of players’ expectations in many aspects. From storyline to quests and even rewards, fans are deeply disappointed at how things unfold:

The Ensemble: Gilnean Noble’s Suit has been among the focal points of criticism. Across online platforms, gamers can’t help but express their discontentment with the transmog. And so, Blizzard has decided to refine it.

Blizzard Fixed Gilnean Noble’s Suit: New Appearance

The updated appearance is not a drastic departure from the previous version. However, it has enhanced volume and depth, providing a more three-dimensional look to the set. Notable improvements include the extension of the tail on the coat and underlying shirt, as well as the billowed sleeves are now puffier. The once flat and 2D-like boots have been enhanced with added padding, resulting in a fuller and more substantial appearance.

Overall, fans are happier with the new appearance of the Gilnean Noble’s Suit. They commend Blizzard for the prompt fix. However, there are other players who feel that the revised set still lacks the dark and gritty essence they expect from a Worgen fighter.

What about you? What’s your take on the updated look of the Gilnean Noble’s Suit? Let us know in the comments!

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