WoW Players Find Reclaiming Gilneas Questline Underwhelming

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The Reclaiming Gilneas questline is now receiving criticism from fans who find it disappointingly underwhelming.

WoW Players Find Reclaiming Gilneas Questline Underwhelming

Key Takeaways

  • The Reclaiming Gilneas questline is a disappointing experience for many WoW players because of its lackluster storyline, dissatisfying rewards, and an underwhelming final battle.
  • We have included a full Reclaiming Gilneas playthrough to help you keep up to date with the latest happenings in WoW in case you have yet the time to play the questline yourself.
  • There are also players who defend Blizzard.

Since its revelation, fans eagerly anticipated the unfolding of the Reclaiming Gilneas questline. After all, the Worgen-cursed land had remained untouched since Cataclysm. And it wasn’t until the release of Patch 10.2.5: Seeds of Renewal that players gained more insights into the fate of Gilneas. Unfortunately, the questline failed to meet expectations. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the story yourself, here’s a complete Reclaiming Gilneas playthrough to keep you updated:

Fans Are Unhappy with Reclaiming Gilneas Questline

Gamers are taking to various social platforms to express their disappointment. The storyline leaves players with a hollow feeling of “That’s it?” and “There should be more.” With over ten years to develop a decent narrative for Gilneas, players find the lackluster storyline unacceptable:

According to many, the Scarlet Crusade doesn’t pose much of a threat nowadays. The final confrontation is nowhere near epic. Most gamers agree that Reclaiming Gilneas feels rushed and more like a hastily crafted tale to take back the land without any depth given to gameplay and storytelling.

Other than the concerns listed above, the rewards for completing said questline are also under scrutiny. The mount has been criticized for being a mere recolor of the Reins of the Llothien Prowler. Meanwhile, the transmog reward looks like the Worgen heritage armor on budget:

Is Reclaiming Gilneas Really That Bad?

Some fans are coming to Blizzard’s defense. Redditor cxtx3, for instance, pointed out that Gilneas is currently in a rebuilding phase, not a fully functional city. Nevertheless, Blizzard has made efforts to include outposts that can fulfill basic needs. Players can also find NPCs and even familiar characters from the Worgen starting experience in the city and nearby villages:

Reclaiming Gilneas also has its moments. For example, the heart-to-heart conversation between Genn Greymane and his daughter, Princess Tess Greymane.

WoW Players Find Reclaiming Gilneas Questline Underwhelming
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Now, over to you! Have you had the chance to experience the Reclaiming Gilneas questline yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so share with us your insights in the comments!

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It wasn’t bad, just underwhelming. I hope that it’s just a stepping stone to something new.