WoW Hardcore: HC Elite Suffers from Tinyviolin’s Copycat

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As if one griefer is not enough, a Tinyviolin’s copycat has tried to wreak havoc for HC Elite.

HC Elite must be the only guild playing on the WoW Classic Hardcore’s most hardcore mode. With a single life at stake and having to face barraged of in-game challenges to confront, they also have to suffer from the dread of being ambushed by griefers.

Before, the only source of their chaos was Tinyviolin. The notorious griefer deleted 36 characters during a Naxxramas raid encounter last year. And with the arrival of 2024, 13 more characters fell by his hands in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. However, with Tinyviolin now banned, a new wave of trouble emerged in the form of a copycat carrying on his disruptive legacy.

Said instance of griefing in Tinyviolin’s style was reported by N_Tys, a WoW Community Commentator. The culprit this time was Evannia. Breaking the formation during the Blackwing Lair raid, they lured the first boss, Razorgore the Untamed, to the HC Elite’s party.

The raid members quickly understood what was happening, perhaps thanks to their bitter experience with Tinyviolin. They immediately consume the Flask of Petrification to survive Evannia’s griefing attempt.

Fortunately, no characters were lost this time. But the incident definitely left a sour taste for all participants.

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