What Will Happen When Season of Discovery Ends?

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Being seasonal content, it’s obvious that SoD won’t be around forever. So what will happen when Season of Discovery ends?

Key Takeaways

  • SoD will end eventually, and Blizzard has shared their plans for what happens after its conclusion.
  • Efforts are underway to preserve SoD characters, narratives, raids, and other content for potential future use.
  • The developers actively seek player feedback to shape the game’s direction and retention of popular elements.
  • With three more phases ahead, players have ample time to enjoy new content and updates before Season of Discovery ends.

After one and a half Phases, Season of Discovery continues to receive widespread acclaim from its player base. Of course, its journey is not one without challenges. However, until now, it remains the favorite WoW version of many, largely due to the developers’ diligent efforts in listening to feedback and implementing adjustments to enhance the gaming experience for all players.

However, as seasonal content, SoD is not meant to stay forever. In an interview with Dexerto, Nora Valletta, the Lead Software Engineer for World of Warcraft Classic and Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield, shared Blizzard’s plans for Season of Discovery once it concludes.

What Will Happen to the Characters When Season of Discovery Ends

What Will Happen to the Characters When Season of Discovery Ends

If this is your question, then rest assured that your characters’ journey won’t stop there. They will be relocated to “an interesting place,” according to Valletta:

“We are envisioning an interesting place for them to move to that allows them to keep some of the itemization that we’ve added in Season of Discovery. Something very similar to Classic Era but not existing Classic Era realms. As far as possibilities, our team is fortunate in that there are a great many very exciting directions we could take the future of Classic.”

— Nora Valletta

What about Other SoD Content?

Other than characters, it appears that the story, raids, and possibly more will also be retained somehow. Greenfield mentioned the team’s commitment to preserving SoD content:

“We are putting a lot of effort into crafting new discoveries, the narrative content that goes with that, and some of these new raids. It would be a shame if that went away and was never available again. We’re building it in such a way that all this content is sort of modular enough that we could flip it on in a different version of WoW at a different point, and maybe adjust it or scale it up.”

— Josh Greenfield

As of now, the development team intends to monitor player feedback closely. They want to determine what elements are well-received and which ones they shouldn’t carry forward.

It’s only midway through Phase 2. And there are three more SoD Phases on the horizon promising new Runes, 20-player raids, and more. You will have plenty of time and opportunities to explore what SoD has to offer before having to worry about its conclusion. And given the developers’ dedication, they’re certain to find solutions for all gamers’ needs before the end of Season of Discovery.

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