Tinyviolin Strikes Again: 13 WoW Hardcore Characters Gone

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Tinyviolin, the fifth horseman of WoW has returned, this time taking 13 WoW Hardcore characters into oblivion.

Key Takeaways

  • Tinyviolin, an infamous griefer, strikes again in WoW, deleting 13 Hardcore characters during a C’Thun encounter.
  • Tinyviolin infiltrated the HC Elite guild under another name: Leapyear. He joined the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid group, aggroed the final boss, and then ran into the other members to pass the boss beam’s damage onto them.
  • With each bounce to nearby players, the beam doubled its damage. While some were able to stay alive by drinking a Flask of Petrification, the other 13 characters weren’t that lucky.
  • Tinyviolin is motivated by a need for revenge against perceived unfair practices within the Hardcore community.

Surely, you haven’t forgotten Tinyviolin? The infamous troll wiped almost an entire HC Elite raid group during an encounter with the Four Horsemen in Naxxramas last year. If you wonder what it’s about, check out this article:

After this, the griefer went into hiding but didn’t abandon his vendetta. And to welcome 2024, last night, he struck again.

Tinyviolin Wiped 13 Characters during WoW Classic C’Thun Encounter

Tinyviolin Wiped 13 Characters during WoW Classic C'Thun Encounter

Tinyviolin managed to infiltrate HC Elite once more, presumably by buying one of the characters from a guild member. Under the name of Leapyear, he joined the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid. During gameplay, he avoided voice chat and disabled streams to remain undetected. Patiently biding his time, he awaited the opportune moment to strike. And that moment arrived as the raid prepared to confront the final boss, C’Thun.

The raid group was gathering at the entrance to the Chamber of the Old God, strategically inching to the start of the battle. Without a warning, Tinyviolin ‘accidentally’ broke the formation, initiating the fight. C’Thun immediately unleashed a beam at Tinyviolin. The griefer then instantly ran towards his raid group, successfully passing the deadly beam to 13 other characters:

Since Tinyviolin was the first target, the beam didn’t deal enough damage to take his life. However, the other raid members were laid bare to its destructive force. With each bounce to nearby players, the beam doubled its damage. Amidst the chaos, some quick-witted players managed to gulp down a Flask of Petrification, narrowly evading death’s grasp. Yet, for 13 unfortunate souls of HC Elite, all their efforts and dedication poured into leveling, gearing up, and preparing for the raid were all undone in an instant as their characters were instantly deleted.

Moments before Judgement Day 2.0, Tinyviolin activated his stream and voice chat. He then began to apologize, claiming he made a mistake in the angle he should have run. Though he expressed regret and remorse, it was evident that Tinyviolin’s words rang hollow. This wasn’t the first time he had uttered such apologies. After all, he did the same during Naxxramas. Yet, here we stand, with 13 Hardcore players fallen.

Why Tinyviolin Trolls

In an interview with StaysafeTV following the Naxxramas incident, Tinyviolin disclosed the driving force behind his actions. Apparently, the griefer seek revenge against what he perceived as the dishonest practices of HC Elite. Tinyviolin’s trolling began when the Hardcore community didn’t even have an official server. Back then, favoritism plagued the entire Hardcore community. Certain individuals often received special treatment. They could do whatever they like, even coming back to life after dying in the Hardcore. Tinyviolin believed that such individuals wouldn’t be able to survive in a true Hardcore realm:

And so, there’s a possibility that Tinyviolin’s actions in 2024 are aimed at proving this statement true.

Tinyviolin’s antics have sparked division within the WoW community. While some view his mischieves as amusing, others consider them unfunny and foolish. Many are perplexed by Tinyviolin’s repeated behavior and question his motives. Some speculate that he seeks attention, but at what cost? Is it worth tarnishing the gaming experience of so many players? Did the 13 victims in this Ahn’Qiraj incident, and the 36 victims in Naxxramas, truly deserve Tinyviolin’s “Judgement Day”? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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