Stranglethorn Vale PvP: The Blood Moon Rewards Datamined

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All the Blood Moon rewards in the Stranglethorn Vale PvP event coming this SoD Phase 2.

Being the main PvP event in SoD Phase 2, the Blood Moon holds the promise of thrilling activities for all participants. It won’t have PvP objectives and will offer a distinctive experience compared to the battles in Ashenvale. For further details, be sure to explore our article here:

Other than two new faction-agnostic mounts, you can trade the currency earned from taking down other players for various class items. Thanks to Wowhead’s diligent efforts, we now have insight into these rewards. Below, we’ve compiled all the Blood Moon rewards datamined by Wowhead for your easy reference.

Stranglethorn Vale PvP: The Blood Moon Rewards Datamined
(Source: Blizzard)

Druid Blood Moon Rewards

Hunter Blood Moon Rewards

Mage Blood Moon Rewards

Paladin Blood Moon Rewards

Priest Blood Moon Rewards

Rogue Blood Moon Rewards

Shaman Blood Moon Rewards

Warlock Blood Moon Rewards

Warrior Blood Moon Rewards

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