SoD Phase 2 Druid Rune: How to Get Eclipse

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A quick and easy guide on how to get Eclipse Rune for Druid in SoD Phase 2.

Eclipse is a highly sought-after Rune for Druids. Here, we’ll cover the essential aspects of acquiring this Rune, including its locations and requirements. For further guidance on getting all Druid Runes in SoD, you will definitely want to explore our comprehensive guide here:

There, you can find all Druid Runes in SoD from both Phase 1 and Phase 2. The list will be updated as soon as a new Phase is out. So make sure to bookmark it for future reference!

And now, let’s uncover how to obtain the Eclipse Rune in SoD.

How to Get Eclipse Rune in SoD

SoD Phase 2 Druid Rune: How to Get Eclipse

Eclipse Rune: Starfire increases the critical strike chance of your next two Wraths by 30%, and Wrath reduces the cast time of your next Starfire by 1.0 sec, both effects stacking up to 4 charges. Both spells also gain 70% chance at all times to not lose casting time when you take damage.

How to get Eclipse:

Desolace: Accept the Highway Robbery quest in Desolace at an Extinguished Campfire northwest of the Kodo Graveyard [47, 54].

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