SoD Phase 2: Blackfathom Deeps May Become a Leveling Raid

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Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield hinted that Blackfathom Deeps may become a leveling raid.

SoD Phase 2’s arrival is imminent. Along with it is a wealth of news, features, and, of course, a new raid: Gnomeregan. And so, players find themselves pondering the fate of Blackfathom Deeps going forward.

Adding fuel to the anticipation, Josh Greenfield recently took to Twitter to drop a hint about what lies ahead. Apparently, Blackfathom Deeps will maintain its significance in Phase 2 and even beyond:

Concerns have been raised by certain players regarding the possible scaling of raids and dungeons in SoD. They are not enthusiastic about a repetitive grind for scaled-up items:

On the other hand, many are embracing the idea. They can’t wait to see a permanently increased amount of ‘end game’ content with each phase:

However, we will have to wait for further updates regarding the role Blackfathom Deeps will play in the leveling process.

As Season of Discovery Phase 2 gears up for release on February 8, the Gnomeregan raid won’t be the sole addition. Explore further details in our comprehensive guide available right here:

SoD: Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boosts

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