SoD Blood Moon Boss Kha’damu Defeated: Reward Revealed

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With SoD Blood Moon boss Kha’damu defeated, the reward he drops has also been revealed.

Key Takeaways

  • Thousands of players, both Horde and Alliance, on the US server Crusader Strike teamed up to defeat Blood Moon boss Kha’damu despite immense challenges.
  • Players anticipated the Bengal Tiger mount as a reward, but the Bloodthirst Blade dropped instead. However, no one could pick up the Blade.
  • The developers did warn players against confronting Kha’damu.
  • Despite the lack of desired rewards, the encounter with Kha’damu evoked nostalgia and created lasting memories for many WoW players.

For days, Kha’damu posed an immense challenge for countless champions of Azeroth. Even the intervention of a Game Master couldn’t tip the scale in their favor against the Blood Moon boss. And yet, thousands of players, both Alliance and Horde, from the US server Crusader Strike still kept pushing forward under the leadership of major streamers.

Blood Moon Boss Kha’damu Defeated

Attempts after attempts, tactics after tactics. And ultimately, they opted to overwhelm Kha’damu with sheer numbers. In a grueling battle that pushed the game’s limits, with players throwing themselves at the boss relentlessly, even causing significant lag in the final moments, the STV boss Kha’damu was finally defeated.

A major driving force behind their unwavering determination was the prospect of acquiring the Reins of the Bengal Tiger. After all, speculations were rampant about Kha’damu dropping said coveted mount. And now, with the boss finally vanquished, players have received their answers.

Blood Moon Boss Kha’damu Reward

SoD Blood Moon Boss Kha'damu Defeated: Reward Revealed

Contrary to widespread rumors, there was no Bengal Tiger in the loot. Instead, players found some gold along with an epic Bloodthirst Blade. Excitement among the thousands of players swiftly transformed into disappointment. The Bloodthirst Blade required a character level of 125 and was marked as Unique (0), meaning players just simply couldn’t pick it up. Soon after, the item disappeared.

This turn of events seems like a giant troll coming from Blizzard, especially considering the formidable challenge Kha’damu presented as a World Boss. However, such an outcome was somewhat anticipated. After all, the developers had cautioned players against confronting the STV boss, Kha’damu:

Nevertheless, the fight against Kha’damu evoked waves of memories and nostalgia for many WoW players. Despite the lack of rewards in the end, for many, the encounter was still an unforgettable experience.

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