SoD: Blizzard Will Remove Marks of Honor from Item Restoration

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Blizzard officially announced unfortunate news for gamers stocking up on Marks of Honor. They will soon be removed from the Item Restoration feature.

Many SoD players had been strategically amassing Marks of Honor. They aim to use them for a quick boost in Honor and experience with the factions once Phase 2 kicks off on February 8. However, Blizzard’s recent decision has thrown a wrench into their plans, as these Marks will be forfeited if players don’t claim them before the end of Phase 1.

SoD: When Will Marks of Honor be Removed

To enforce this change, Blizzard has scheduled a maintenance session on February 7. During this period, any Mark left in players’ mailboxes will be purged:

“We want to make sure that everyone knows about actions we’ve taken around WSG Marks of Honor.

  • In Season of Discovery, these items have been prevented from being restorable.
  • During maintenance on 7 February, we will purge any that are already in players’ mailboxes.

We suggest that any players who have any Marks in your mailbox, retrieve them and use them before the end of Phase 1, or they will be lost.”

— Blizzard

It’s strongly advised to swiftly retrieve and utilize all Marks as soon as possible. So be sure to put your Marks of Honor into good use!

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