Josh Greenfield: Don’t Stock Items for Exp Gain in SoD

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Josh Greenfield has confirmed that you shouldn’t stock items for Exp gain in SoD. It will not work in Phase 3.

SoD players are constantly on the lookout for new strategies to maximize their experience gains. Lately, they’ve been collecting items like Troll Tribal Necklaces and Wastewander Water Pouches to prepare for an Exp boost in phase 3. This mirrors their previous actions with the Waylaid Supplies and Marks of Honor from Warsong Gulch as phase 1 drew to a close.

However, this tactic is short-lived. In response to a player’s question on X, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield emphasized that players should refrain from items with the hope of rapidly gaining experience in Phase 3. Such methods are and will not be permitted by Blizzard, not only in phase 3 but also in subsequent phases.

So, it’s best to enjoy the game as it’s intended to be. Sit back, relax, and explore. And you may even witness exciting events, such as seeing a Game Master in WoW after years of their absence!

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