Destiny 2 Gets Character Recustomization Years after Release

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After ten years, Destiny is finally introducing a long-awaited feature that Guardians have been requesting all this time — character recustomization after creating your Guardian.

Destiny 2 Gets Character Recustomization Years after Release

In the first This Week in Destiny of this year, many different innovations that will be released soon, such as increasing the Glimmer Cap, were discussed. One of the features that will appear before the release of The Final Shape is character recustomization.

Players will no longer need to delete their character and create a new one with a different appearance, as now this can be done with just one click. You can change everything except for race, so your Human cannot turn into an Exo.

The most important part of this news is that this feature will be available completely for free and without restrictions! You will not be required to use Silver or any other in-game currency. Also, Bungie will reset the Synthweave bounty cap in a March update, so don’t forget to complete all available bounties.

Many D2 players have been requesting this specific feature to be added to the game for seven years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the current news was truly shocking for them:

As we already said, this is not the only thing Bungie talked about in the recent TWiD. Additionally, the developers also talked about Destiny 2 events in 2024, which we covered in more detail in another article. There are likely more surprises in store for us before the release of The Final Shape, and we really like to see them soon!

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