Bungie Developer Revealed More Insights on ITL and TFS

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Bungie revealed more insights on The Final Shape

The Final Shape Insides

Today, another Destiny Massive Breakdown podcast took place with Chris Proctor, Bungie’s Senior Design Lead. The podcast discussed not only the upcoming Into the Light Weapons but also changes to the Sandbox in The Final Shape, which will be released on June 4. We’ve gathered the most important information from there, as some upcoming changes should not be missed.

Into the Light Info

The podcast started with the upcoming major free update — Into the Light. Initially, the discussion was about “limited-edition” weapons, as there are many questions about them online. Chris Proctor confirmed that their unique feature is only in the shiny ornament and two perks in both columns. He also reminded that these limited-edition guns will no longer be available after the release of TFS. However, there’s no need to worry about not being able to get the desired shiny guns, as their drop rate will not be low, and higher-tier Onslaughts will provide several weapon drops at once. Moreover, the developer went into detail about the Attunement System. With its help, you can choose the weapon you want to farm specifically, and it will drop from Onslaught Chests with a 50% chance.

The Final Shape Info

With the release of TFS, some new weapons and Into the Light weapons will be enhanced, leading many players to think that they could also change Barrels, Magazines, and Masterwork. Chris Proctor denied this, saying that this feature would only appear on Raid Adept Weapons.

In The Final Shape, Bungie promises many Sandbox Balance Changes (especially for Heavy Weapons), and some of them were announced in today’s podcast. The discussion immediately turned to the upcoming nerf of Chain Reaction, which now has a 15% smaller detonation radius and 20% reduced damage on Special Weapons. However, this perk will be buffed on Heavy Weapons, receiving a 30% increased damage. Also, Chris hinted at the introduction of Chain Reaction to pellet Shotguns, which is quite surprising.

Next, they touched on Chill Clip, the nerf of which disappointed many players. The developers decided to roll it back, but not for all weapons. After the release of TFS, only Riptide will freeze after three shots, while all other weapons will require only two shots, as before. By the way, remember the Rocket Sidearms released recently and became favorites among Guardians? Well, in the upcoming DLC, players will be able to get two new examples, Solar and Strand ones.

Exotic Changes Info

In Into the Light and The Final Shape, there will be changes to Old Exotic Weapons in addition to the appearance of new weapons, and today we learned about a couple of changes:

In the end, Destiny 2 players will not be lost without content and will have something to do even after The Final Shape. How do you generally feel about upcoming updates and changes? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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