Bungie Removed Destiny 2 Starter Pack from Steam Store

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After facing the community backlash, Bungie removed the $14.99 Destiny 2 Starter Pack from the Steam store.

Key Takeaways

  • Bungie removed the $14.99 Destiny 2 Starter Pack from the Steam store due to community backlash.
  • Bungie’s solution received mixed reactions, with some applauding and others considering it a remedy for a self-created issue.
  • Players suggest alternative strategies to balance player satisfaction and Bungie’s monetization methods to ensure Destiny 2’s long-term success.

The Destiny 2 Starter Pack has stirred considerable concerns and frustration ever since its debut on Steam. The primary source of discontent stems from the disparity between the pack’s price and the value of its contents. Community consensus suggests that the Exotics included in the pack are mediocre. It was like Bungie misled new players into believing they were securing a favorable deal. Yet, in reality, they end up with overpriced weaponry that can be surpassed by other Legendary weapons available in the game. Many are also worried about the financial barrier it might create for potential new players. Thus, hindering fresh blood from entering and truly enjoying the game to its fullest.

In an official tweet recently, Bungie acknowledged the community’s concerns. They emphasized the need for new players to explore other aspects of Destiny 2 before diving into the world of Exotic weapons and cosmetics. As a result, the Destiny 2 Starter Pack has now been removed from the Steam store. It’s also nowhere to be seen on the PlayStation and Epic Games Store.

Many in the community applauded Bungie’s responsiveness:

But, others viewed this move as a remedy for an issue the company itself had created:

Suggestions emerged. Players propose that Bungie offer old expansions for free to entice new gamers. They also suggest that the studio should bundle DLCs at a reduced price, excluding the latest expansion, Lightfall. This practice aligns with the player-friendly approach observed in many other MMO games. It allows players access to previous content upon acquiring the latest expansion. It’s not only great for the players’ wallet, but also ensures that they can fully enjoy the game without the need for multiple individual purchases.

Amidst discussions about the potential giveaway of old expansions, concerns have been raised regarding Bungie’s financial sustainability and the risk of further layoffs:

Some players have proposed alternative monetization strategies for Destiny 2. First of all, Bungie should improve the overall game quality to maintain players’ engagement. Then, the studio can consider:

By doing so, they can balance player satisfaction with monetization methods to ensure Destiny 2’s long-term success.

Bungie successfully navigated the recent controversy. However, the potential long-term impact on player loyalty remains a looming concern. If Bungie doesn’t change how they treat players, there’s a chance they might lose even the most devoted Destiny 2 fans. Players are getting more and more frustrated with their monetization strategy with each passing day. The studio must pay attention to the sentiments of its player base. They need to understand gamers’ expectations and make earnest efforts to meet them.

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