Starfield Press Copies Are Arriving Soon

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Starfield Press Copies Are Arriving Soon

According to Journalist Tom Henderson, press copies of Starfield are arriving soon.

Henderson is a highly reliable figure within the gaming community. Recently, he revealed that Bethesda is planning to send press copies of Starfield as early as this week.

If so, then it’s two weeks earlier than the speculations that suggested the copies would be available on September 1. In response, PlaystationSize stated that reviewers would have their chance to access the game on August 17

Henderson’s track record for accurate information lends weight to his latest disclosure. If it’s the case this time, gaming journalists will have two weeks to explore Starfield’s every nook and cranny. After all, it’s not until September 1 that the game will be accessible for gamers who have purchased the Premium edition. Meanwhile, the rest will still have to wait until September 6 to experience the game on PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms. 

Bethesda’s strategic decision has sent the gaming community into a state of sizzling anticipation. Adding to the excitement, Starfield’s Design Director, Emil Pagliarulo, and Lead Quest Designer, Will Shen, are scheduled to engage with the community through an interactive Q&A session. The event is set to take place on the game’s official Discord channel on August 16, 2023. So, don’t miss out! And in case you don’t have the time to watch it all, remember to keep a close eye on WowVendor News and Guides portal for the latest news and updates. 

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