Blizzard’s Restrictions: WoW Token Prices Dropped

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Three days after Blizzard’s implementation of restrictions, and the WoW Token prices have dropped.

As of November 21, Blizzard enforced restrictions on purchasing WoW Tokens. The anti-bot measure aims to prevent sudden price spikes and maintain a balanced in-game economy. As of now, the decision appears to be quite effective. WoW Token prices are experiencing a notable decline, particularly in North America and Europe.

According to WoWTokenPrices, the US region has significant fluctuations in the value of said item. The market reached a low of 248,398 gold and a peak of 347,833 gold. At the moment of writing, each token is valued at 265,737 gold.

Blizzard's Restrictions: WoW Token Prices Dropped in the US

Likewise, the European region reflects this pattern, indicating a noticeable decline in the gold worth of WoW Tokens. Presently priced at 363,751 gold, the token’s lowest point was 348,418. This starkly contrasts its peak value of 426,926 gold recorded on November 18, just before the implementation of the restrictions.

Blizzard's Restrictions: WoW Token Prices Dropped in the EU

The duration of the ongoing downward trend in WoW Tokens’ pricing remains uncertain. We will monitor the situation and update you as new developments unfold.

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