WoW Classic+ Is More Real than Ever

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Initially brushed off as the work of some creative fans, the leaks surrounding WoW Classic+ have gained credibility. 

Just days ago, a leak concerning WoW Classic+ and its debut expansion emerged on MMO-Champion. According to said leak, the project will be directed by Chris Metzen. It opens up an intriguing “what if” scenario where the dark portal remained closed after Vanilla. For further details about the features that follow, you may want to refer to the screenshot below. 

WoW Classic+ Is More Real than Ever

No one believed it at first. This piece of information was met with skepticism, memes, and jokes.

However, recent developments have somewhat cemented the potential reality of WoW Classic+. As reported earlier, Chris Metzen has become the new WoW’s Executive Creative Director. Once again, he will be dedicated to shaping the World of Warcraft and steering its future.

Furthermore, in August, Mike Ybarra hinted at an announcement from Metzen during BlizzCon 2023. This has fueled the belief that the anticipated reveal at BlizzCon will revolve around WoW Classic+. And, of course, its first-ever expansion, ‘World of Warcraft: Awakening.’ 

 Merely a few days back, the gaming community waved off the leak as fanfiction. However, opinions have shifted. At the moment, gamers are crossing their fingers for a potential game-changer from Blizzard.

They hope that Classic+ will be able to right all the wrongs created by Shadowlands. Yet, we will still have to wait and see.

Now, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this turn of events. Please share your opinions in the comments section below!

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