Influencers and WoW Boost: What Is It and Why They Do It?

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From Echo, Liquid, Method, to Sodapoppin, Hozitojones, and even Mike Ybarra, each has taken part in selling or purchasing WoW boost. So what did, or do they do? What is WoW boost? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • WoW Boost is the service where experienced players assist beginners or those with limited time in obtaining desired in-game items, rewards, or achievements for real-life or in-game currency.
  • There are many reasons why players decide to purchase WoW services. The most prominent reasons are time constraints and efficiency.
  • Notable figures like Mike Ybarra, Sodapoppin, Hozitojone, and well-known guilds such as Echo, Liquid, and Method have participated in WoW boosting.
  • The WoW community is split on buying boosts, with some worried about pay-to-win, trade chat spam, and inexperienced players. Others see no issue, supporting boosts as a time and money-saving option for maintaining their gaming hobby alongside real-life responsibilities.
  • To buy WoW boost safely, do your research and find reputable sellers. You can take WowVendor as an example of a reliable service with a 4.8 Trustpilot rating based on 27,000+ reviews. We don’t use cheats or exploits. And we offer refund options, 24/7 customer support, and various other perks you can find in our shop.

Before we dive into the stories of each influencer, let’s first have a basic understanding of what WoW boosting is.

What Is WoW Boost

WoW Boost is the service where experienced players assist beginners or those with limited time in obtaining desired in-game items, rewards, or achievements for real-life or in-game currency. It comes in many forms such as power leveling, acquiring rare items, completing dungeons or raids, and achieving in-game goals.

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Why Do People Buy WoW Boost

There are many reasons why a player buys WoW boost. Unlike a decade ago, when most WoW players were kids or teenagers with ample free time, the majority of today’s player base has matured. They have to face real-world responsibilities like parenting, night shifts, and busy weekends. They can’t spend hours gaming and grinding like before, so they just want to spend their limited time enjoying the content they love. Fast-tracking alts and catching up with friends after a break are also additional motivations.

Another big reason is efficiency. Instead of spending days farming for in-game gold and time-consuming items like Fyr’alath or Fangs of the Father, players can farm real money in real life and use it to skip the grind. It might not be as fun as doing it all on your own in the game, but nowadays, having time to play is a luxury. And in the end, players are still farming, just more efficiently in a different realm. This allows them to spend their time and real money on more meaningful aspects of life while keeping their gaming hobby alive.

Beyond the reasons mentioned, many other factors drive people to purchase WoW-boosting services. This demand has prompted both companies and well-known players and figures in the WoW community to sell and buy WoW boosts.

Influencers Selling WoW Boost

Mike Ybarra

First on the list is definitely Mike Ybarra. Despite being the President of Blizzard, Mike Ybarra also took part in WoW boosting and he didn’t keep it a secret:

Ybarra’s involvement has stirred discontent among numerous players:

Mike Ybarra Sold WoW Boost

However, there are also defenders of his choice to participate in WoW boosting:

Mike Ybarra Sold WoW Boost

After all, the WoW community has long been divided on the issue of buying and selling WoW services. And this is a topic we’ll explore further in this article.

Echo, Liquid, and Method

Following the conclusion of the Amirdrassil RWF, Echo, Liquid, and Method expressed gratitude towards their assistants who helped them during the race. These individuals played pivotal roles by exchanging valuable items, equipment, and contributing substantial resources to the guilds, collectively amounting to millions in gold value. To repay them, Echo, Liquid, and Method offered WoW boosting services to complete Amirdrassil in exchange for gold:

The prices depend on the raid’s bosses and the distribution of acquired loot. The more challenging the mode and boss, and the more items the buyer receives, the higher the gold cost. For more information, you can check out this article:


In a late 2023 stream, Hozitojones openly shared that he earned over $100,000 selling WoW Arena carries during Battle for Azeroth. He disclosed that he used to charge a minimum of $50 per hour and would dedicate long workdays, spanning 14-15 hours. However, he decided to give up this venture to concentrate on developing his streaming platform.

Influencers Buying WoW Boost


Thomas “Sodapoppin” is a prominent American Twitch streamer renowned for his World of Warcraft content. In a stream on December 11, 2023, he confessed to buying WoW gold and discussed Blizzard’s practice of wiping inventory and gold for those involved in buying and selling in-game resources.

Many express dissatisfaction with Blizzard’s perceived leniency in punishing Sodapoppin, contrasting it with the harsher consequences faced by other players.

Is WoW Boosting Really That Bad?

As we have seen, not only players and boosting companies that take part in selling and buying WoW boosting services, but even famous influencers, streamers, and even the current President of Blizzard have a role to play in WoW Boosting. So, it really prompts the question: “Is WoW boosting really that bad?” After all, if it’s so bad, then why is World of Warcraft still the most-played MMORPG, and why do influential individuals continue to participate in it?

The WoW community has long been divided by this question. Many voice discontent, citing issues such as the relentless spam in trade chat, concerns about the game’s transformation into a pay-to-win one, and the potential emergence of players without knowledge for endgame challenges:

Yet, a counter-narrative exists. Players assert that their personal achievements aren’t affected by what others do. They see WoW boost as a way for individuals to save time and continue enjoying their gaming hobby. Additionally, many players possess a deep understanding of their character class and the game’s challenges. They simply prefer not to spend endless hours leveling up multiple alts repeatedly to participate in endgame content:

How to Buy WoW Boost Safely

How to Buy WoW Boost Safely

To buy WoW boost safely, make sure to do your research when choosing a service. Check Trustpilot reviews and your chosen vendor’s policies to find a trustworthy provider. This will help you avoid scams and potential losses of your account and money. Also, a reputable service typically offers refund policies if you are dissatisfied with the provided services.

Take WowVendor, for instance, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 based on over 27,000 reviews. Our services are meticulously crafted without the use of bots, cheats, or exploits that could jeopardize your account. Moreover, we provide refund options and round-the-clock Customer Support to quickly ease any concerns. Be sure to explore WowVendor’s services to get a sense of what a trustworthy WoW boosting service entails. You can consider it as a guide to make an informed decision about where to place your trust and money.

With that in mind, play World of Warcraft the way you want to. Ultimately, no one should dictate what you should or shouldn’t do as long as you enjoy what you’re doing and have fun in the process. After all, isn’t that what gaming is all about?


WoW boosting, like many things in life, comes with its own set of pros and cons. If it aligns with what you’re seeking in your gaming experience, then feel free to make the purchase confidently. However, it’s crucial to note that not all boosting services are trustworthy. Some may even turn out to be scams if you’re not careful enough. To ensure a safe WoW boost purchase, here are a few pieces of advice to consider.

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