WoW Dragonflight: Warcraft Rumble Minis Arrive in Azeroth 

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Warcraft Rumble (WR) is set to launch on November 3. To celebrate this eagerly awaited event, the Minis have flooded the retail realms of Azeroth. And it’s a great occasion to enrich your in-game toy collection.

How to Get Warcraft Rumble Miniatures in WoW: Dragonflight

Pay close attention to your mailbox, as an important message will arrive shortly, instructing you to seek out Mizzen. Once you have located said quest giver, accept the mission. It’s time to seek out those Warcraft Rumble Machines. You can find them scattered across four major zones on the Dragon Isles if you are level 60 and above. Or, you will encounter them in Orgrimmar or Stormwind if you are 60 and under.

Your objective is to gather Rumble Coins from Valdrakken and the locations mentioned above. Once obtained, deposit these coins into the machines. Each coin translates to an adorable WR miniature that will become a part of your toy collection. 

To spice up the experience even more, Blizzard has also introduced Foils. Collecting them will allow you to customize your miniature to your liking. There are 14 Foils in total, scattering across the Dragon Isles’ main zones, Valdrakken, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar. 


No event will be completed without achievements. And WR in retail is not an exception. Below is the list of all 17 achievements that you can get:

AchievementHow to Get
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Get ’em All!Collect seven Minis
Warcraft Rumble Minis, New Looks!Upgrade all seven Minis once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, All the Looks!Upgrade all seven Minis twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Maiev’s New LookUpgrade Maiev once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Sneed’s New LookUpgrade Sneed once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Huntress’s New LookUpgrade Night Elf Huntress once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Stonehoof Tauren’s New LookUpgrade Stonehoof Tauren once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Ghoul’s New LookUpgrade Undead Ghoul once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Murloc’s New LookUpgrade Murloc once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Whelp Egg’s New LookUpgrade Whelp Egg once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Maiev’s Newer LookUpgrade Maiev twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Sneed’s Newer LookUpgrade Sneed twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Huntress’s Newer LookUpgrade Night Elf Huntress twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Stonehoof Tauren’s Newer LookUpgrade Stonhoof Tauren twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Ghoul’s Newer LookUpgrade Undead Ghoul twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Murloc’s Newer LookUpgrade Murloc twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Whelp Egg’s Newer LookUpgrade Whelp Egg twice

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the delightful chaos of Warcraft Rumble!

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