Trading Post Anniversary: Color-Changing Transmog Set

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Can you believe it? It’s been nearly a year since the Trading Posts arrived in WoW. To celebrate the occasion, Blizzard is presenting a special color-changing transmog set for you to grab!

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Blizzard has added two static color options for the Burden of Unrelenting Justice Transmog! Check out the details here:

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Tawney & Wilder and Zen’shiri Trading Posts have become an integral part of the lives of Azeroth’s denizens. For almost a year, they have delighted the heroes of WoW with their diverse array of mounts, pets, toys, and transmogs. As a token of appreciation, the traders have something for their dedicated customers.

If you have secured the monthly special reward from the Trading Post 12 times, you will earn the “Trading Post Enthusiast” achievement. Along with it, you will get the Burden of Unrelenting Justice Transmog Set. It features nine pieces: Head, Shoulder, Chest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrist, Hand, and Cloak. And the most fascinating aspect of this set is that it can change color based on the time of the day.

Set for a January debut, this dynamic ensemble is poised to become a standout addition to your wardrobe. If you haven’t secured all 12 special rewards by the first month of 2024, don’t worry. You’re not required to achieve the special reward twelve times in a row. You can steadily progress towards earning your Trading Post Enthusiast achievement and the Burden of Unrelenting Justice set even beyond January.

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