The War Within Pre-Patch 11.0 Is Added to Blizzard’s CDN

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Algalon, Enigmatic Observer, has detected another addition to Blizzard’s CDN. This time, it’s The War Within pre-patch 11.0 build.

What Is Agalon, the Enigmatic Observer?

Algalon, Enigmatic Observer, is a bot responsible for alerting about new game builds on Blizzard’s CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Earlier, Algalon, Enigmatic Observer, uncovered a major addition to Dragonflight. And while the buzz around Patch 10.2.6 is still fresh, the bot once again surprised WoW lovers with the arrival of The War Within pre-patch:

The Patch is, of course, encrypted. So it’s impossible to know what’s in there at the time of writing. However, this has set the WoW community on fire. Players are more than excited to discover what the Worldsoul Saga has in store.

For a deeper look at what’s on the horizon in WoW: The War Within, be sure to explore our comprehensive article here:

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