Subscription Expired: Tank Booted from Amirdrassil RWF

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Method’s tank was unexpectedly booted from Amirdrassil RWF mid-fight. The reason? His game subscription expired.

Success in achieving the World First title in the Amirdrassil RWF involves numerous factors. But few could have anticipated the pivotal role played by a game subscription. The unfortunate raider was none other than Method’s multi-class tank Immomate.

In the midst of a crucial boss encounter, he was abruptly ejected from the game. After a moment of shock, the player realized the reason was that his game time had run out. The whole raid was amused by the incident. But we all know they will pay extra attention to their subscription next time before entering another race.

The Amirdrassil raid has become a focal point of the Dragonflight expansion in Patch 10.2. Since its release on November 14, the instance has enthralled the WoW community with nine formidable bosses. The formidable lineup of adversaries has proven to be a daunting hurdle, pushing even the most seasoned guilds to their limits.

At the moment of writing, Tindral holds the record of being the toughest boss in the raid. The penultimate boss endured for an impressive four days. No guild was able to take him down. It wasn’t until recently that Liquid and Echo managed to defeat him, securing World First and Second positions.

At the moment of writing, guilds remain locked in fierce competition for the coveted Amirdrassil World First title. If you’re eager to stay informed and follow the unfolding events of the Amirdrassil RWF, feel free to explore our live coverage here:

Live Coverage: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope RWF 2023

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