Plunderstorm: Player Reached Renown 40 in Less than 48 Hours

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Recently, a Redditor shared that they reached Renown 40 in less than 48 hours since Plunderstorm went live.

WoW players are famous for their determination. They are undeterred by any obstacles, even if overcoming them requires significant time and effort. Such was the case for LordLongshaft. The player managed to reach the max Renown level of 40 with the Keg Leg’s Crew after Plunderstorm was released for just a day and a half.

LordLongshaft shared their achievement on Reddit. They didn’t reveal the exact strategies for amassing reputation points. However, they mentioned earning approximately 700-800 reputation points every 5-6 minutes of gameplay. They hadn’t slept since the mode’s launch and played almost nonstop, dedicating a day to completing the task as soon as possible.

Even more mindblowing, they achieved Renown 40 before today’s Plunderstorm hotfixes, which increased the plunder earning rate. The player also noted that they didn’t particularly enjoy the mode’s gameplay. They wouldn’t have played it if the event didn’t offer cosmetic rewards, especially transmogrification sets.

It’s unclear whether they were the World First Plunderlord. But in any case, it’s definitely an impressive feat. Let us know what you think about LordLongshaft’s achievement in the comments!

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