Next WoW Expansion Won't Be Pirate-Related

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Blizzard’s President has put an end to the rampant speculation surrounding the theme of the next WoW expansion. “No Pirates,” said Mike Ybarra

Dashing Buccaneers Twitch Drop. Seafarer’s Pack. The swashbuckling scent of piracy has permeated the realm of Azeroth. In recent times, speculation has run rampant that pirates could take center stage in the game’s forthcoming content drop. This idea is backed by Blizzard’s history of hinting about the incoming update through pack announcements. For instance, they presented the Dragon Pack, and voila, then came Dragonflight.

However, Ybarra’s two-word response has sent a clear message to the pirate-lovers:

It’s clear that whatever is arriving will not take a piratical turn. And so, another round of speculations emerged. “What is WoW’s next expansion?” is the question lingering in the mind of every avid gamer at the moment. Fortunately, the heroes of Azeroth won’t be kept in suspense for too long. Chris Metzen will likely shed some light on the matter during BlizzCon 2023 this November.

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