Dragonflight Patch 10.2 Location Overview: The Emerald Dream

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In the upcoming Patch 10.2 of WoW Dragonflight, players are in for a dreamy adventure. The content drop promises to take the heroes of Azeroth back to the Emerald Dream’s mystical realms.

IS4 Studio has thoughtfully prepared a stunning video overview of the entire area. This allows players to appreciate the awe-inspiring landscapes, devoid of creatures and enemies. 

One of the central highlights of Patch 10.2 is the introduction of Amdirassil. It’s a new world tree that not only serves as a raid location but also as the gateway to the Emerald Dream.

For those in search of a truly immersive experience, World of Warcraft Curios is here to show you the lush yet treacherous terrain. Blooming wildlife, menacing monsters, everything is captured in all its splendor with a first-point-of-view experience. 

The new zone is within the Ohn’ahran Plains, but its exact location remains unknown. Astute fans, however, have already made a remarkable discovery. Apparently, the zone map of the Emerald Dream seamlessly aligns with the uncharted terrain to the west of the Plains. Below, we’ve included some maps for your reference. 

The Emerald Dream

The Ohn’ahran Plains


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