Get Cinder of Companionship by Defeating Mythic Fyrakk

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The method of acquiring Cinder of Companionship has been confirmed. You will need to defeat Fyrakk on Amirdrassil’s Mythic difficulty.

Nah’qi bears a striking resemblance to the Anu’relos mount. Being one of the most sought-after pets in Dragonflight, fans have always expected the process of getting the creature to be a challenging feat. You will find the Fire Owl flying around the trunk of Amirdrassil. However, you can’t just walk to it and tame it. There are some tips and tricks in order. So, may as well give our guide a look:

As stated in the guide, first things first: You must obtain the Cinder of Companionship. Without this crucial component, you won’t be able to add Nah’qi to your collection. And only recently was it confirmed that to get the Cinder of Companionship, you need to take down Fyrakk in Amirdrassil on Mythic difficulty. As the final boss is defeated, he drops the Anu’relos, Flame’s Guidance mount. Regardless of your class, learning this mount will earn you both the Cinder of Companionship and the Feather of the Blazing Somnowl.

It’s quite disheartening that three of the most anticipated rewards in Amirdrassil are locked behind Mythic. However, the good news is that these rewards will be account-wide once you get them. So, you will only need to unlock them once.

Currently, these rewards are only attainable on Mythic difficulty. It’s unknown if you can receive them on lower difficulties in the future.

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