Fyr’Alath Dropped for a Warlock in Dragonflight

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A Fyr’alath dropped for a Warlock. Meanwhile, many Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors are still struggling to get Fyrakk’s two-handed axe.

Fyr’alath the Dreamrender is a Legendary specifically tailored for Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors. Like all other Legendaries, its drop rate is exceptionally low. Blizzard introduced Lesser and Greater Embers of Fyr’alath to increase the chance of acquiring Fyr’alath. Yet, the axe remained so elusive that recently, the developers even had to boost the bad luck protection system as players were furious with its drop rate.

The boost solved the problem for many, showering Fyr’alath into the inventories of various players at once. Yet, there are Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors who keep running the Amirdrassil raid again and again in the hope of getting the Legendary, only to come up empty-handed. Despite their relentless efforts in pursuit of what seems unattainable, fortune has favored a Warlock—a caster who can’t even wield Fyr’alath the Dreamrender.

Fyr’alath Dropped for a Warlock on Mythic Amirdrassil

The lucky Warlock in question is Nothingtodot. Apparently, Nothingtodot participated in a Mythic Amirdrassil raid run. Fyr’alath is group loot on Mythic difficulty, so everyone can roll for the axe. As fate would have it, the lucky Warlock managed to secure the highly desired axe of many:


While Warlocks can’t wield two-handed weapons, their Felguards can. With Glyph of Felguard, said Warlock’s minion can wield any two-handed axe, mace, sword, or polearm from the Warlock’s backpack. Unfortunately, in Nothingtodot’s case, their Felguard couldn’t equip Fyr’alath. Under the comment section, other WoW adventures had come up with several theories to explain this situation.

Why Warlock Felguards Can’t Equip Fyr’alath

Firstly, the Fyr’alath obtained from Mythic Fyrakk may not be immediately wieldable. It transforms into a quest item upon equipping, initiating a lengthy questline. Unless Nothingtodot’s Felguard is capable of undertaking the questline, Fyr’alath will remain unusable:


Another speculation suggests that the Glyph may work on Legendaries like Fyr’alath:


Whatever the case, Nothingtodot’s Fyr’alath will have to sit in their backpack for a long while. At least until Blizzard decides that Felguards are eligible to wield Fyrakk’s Legendary.

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