Everything We Know about WoW 11th Expansion: Midnight

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WoW 11th expansion: Midnight was revealed at BlizzCon 2023, along with two other expansions WoW: The War Within and WoW: The Last Titan

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WoW: Midnight Release Date

There has yet to be official information regarding WoW Midnight’s release date.

What Can You Expect in WoW: Midnight

Everything We Know about WoW 11th Expansion: Midnight

Being the second chapter of the epic World Soul trilogy, WoW Midnight will pit players against the Void. During this expansion, the heroes will embark on a thrilling adventure centered on the Void’s invasion of Azeroth. It’s time to return to the familiar landscapes of Quel’Thalas in the Old World. Here, gamers will confront a dire threat as the malevolent Void seeks to extinguish the Light of the Sunwell

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