Dragonflight: Level up Quickly and Easily with Dreamsurges

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Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7: Fury Incarnate presents players with a new public event called Dreamsurges. This fresh content drop allows the heroes of Azeroth to level up quickly and easily. And to add, it’s also a great way to farm for upgraded gear by defeating rares and event bosses.

A Swift Rise to Power

During the event, the four main zones of the Dragon Isles take turns being affected by Waking Dream portals each week. As adventurers traverse these areas, the Dreaming Winds buff will be at their side. It ensures a remarkable 25% experience boost for each quest they complete. And so, it’s perfect for those who want to swiftly advance their characters from level 60 to the pinnacle of level 70.

As Dreamsurges sweep through the zones, players also gain another advantage. Every half-hour, they have the privilege to cast their vote for a preferred buff. The chosen one will take effect on every other player in the area. Thus, granting the heroes of Azeroth more power to conquer the adversaries in their way.

It’s Time for Gear Upgrade

Dragonflight: Level up Quickly and Easily with Dreamsurges

During Dreamsurges, Waking Dream portals periodically materialize. From there, the formidable Druids of the Flame emerge. Players must repel the onslaught of these adversaries. By doing so, they will gain access to enticing rewards. Among them is an array of powerful items and equipment. For instance, high-level gear, a Shadowflame Crest, Dreamsurge Coalescence, and more.

Speaking about Dreamsurge Coalescence, it’s a new type of currency arriving in Patch 10.1.7. This valuable resource can be obtained by successfully fulfilling the event’s objectives. Trading in Dreamsurge Coalescence Trading will reward players with shiny catch-up gear. Thus, saving them from the arduous task of crawling through dungeons and raids to farm for pieces of needed items.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7’s launch date has been set on September 5. The update promises to usher in a slew of new and exciting content. Yet, the World of Warcraft’s excitement doesn’t stop there. A significant announcement from Chris Metzen is about to take place at the forthcoming BlizzCon. While it’s unknown what it’s about at the moment, the community can’t help but speculate about its impact on WoW. So, stay vigilant and keep a keen watch on WowVendor News and Guides portal! As we will provide you with all the latest and juiciest details to come.

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