Doubleagent Leveled Five Neutral Characters to 70

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Doubleagent, the famous Pacifist Pandaren, has leveled up five neutral characters to level 70.

Key Takeaways

  • Doubleagent recently shared on Twitter five level 70 neutral characters, including a Shaman, a Hunter, a Mage, a Rogue, and a Warrior.
  • Doubleagent is famous for his unique playstyle. He’s never chosen a faction or taken down any creatures. He only focuses on gathering herbs and mining ores.
  • His playstyle inspires other players like Cheatcho to explore alternative leveling methods in WoW.

Who Is Doubleagent

If you are a long-time WoW lover, then you are no stranger to Doubleagent. The player is renowned for his unique approach to the game. He has never chosen a faction. And to stay true to his path of peace, the Pandaren has never engaged in taking down any creature in any form throughout his journey.

Over the years, he has consistently achieved the level cap in every expansion only by gathering herbs and mining ores. His playstyle has also inspired other players to discover new methods to level up in WoW. A noteworthy example is Cheatcho, who, in February 2023, achieved level 70 on Exile’s Reach starting ship.

Doubleagent Now Has Five Level 70 Neutral Characters

Doubleagent Now Has Five Level 70 Neutral Characters

Maintaining neutrality and tranquility in a war-torn world is no easy feat. Doubleagent’s unique leveling strategy not only demands a significant investment of time but also renders him ineligible for the cross-play features of the game. Yet, the pacifist Pandaren remains unwavering on his path. Recently, he took to Twitter to reveal five neutral characters standing ready for The War Within. The roster includes various classes: Shaman, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.

Upon the release of Dragonflight, Doubleagent went from 60 to 70 within a span of 12 days. Now, with The War Within raising the level cap to 80, let’s wait and see how long it will take Doubleagent to achieve this new milestone!

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