Chris Metzen Becomes New WoW’s Executive Creative Director

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Chris Metzen has been appointed as the Executive Creative Director of WoW.

Before he left Blizzard in 2016, Metzen dedicated 23 years of his career to the company. He held the esteemed position of Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development. Because of personal reasons, he chose to step away from the organization. After a six-year hiatus, he made a welcomed return in 2022, rejoining the company as a Creative Advisor.

Fast forward to September 2023. It’s time for him to embrace his new Executive Creative Director role. As in the past, his unwavering focus remains dedicated to the WoW franchise and its future. 

The announcement of his new position at Blizzard has ignited a wave of enthusiasm within the gaming community. Fans are flooding the World of Warcraft’s official Twitter comment section with countless positive reactions. 

Are you excited at this turn of events? Let us know in the comments! And mark your calendar for the upcoming BlizzCon in November. Chris Metzen and Holly Longdale will make a big announcement regarding WoW developments there. 

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