Burden of Unrelenting Justice Will Have Static Color Options

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Great news for all the WoW fashionistas out there! Blizzard has confirmed that the Burden of Unrelentic Justice transmog set will have two additional static color options.

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard adds two static color options to WoW’s Burden of Unrelenting Justice transmog set. There will be three variations for this set in total.
  • The decision stems from players’ concerns regarding limitations on creative freedom due to the set’s color-shifting nature.
  • The WoW community praises Blizzard’s responsiveness.

In celebration of the Trading Post’s one-year anniversary, Blizzard has introduced the Burden of Unrelenting Justice transmog set as a special reward. It features nine pieces: Head, Shoulder, Chest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrist, Hand, and Cloak. Not only does the set bear resemblance to the Warden sets, but it also stands out with its ability to change colors depending on the time of day. Bathed in the radiant sunlight, the ensemble takes on a gold and green hue. But under the argent moonlight, it adopts a silver and white appearance instead.

The introduction of the color-shifting set has stirred both excitement and concern among players. Not all players are on board with this innovation. Some express dissatisfaction with the color shifts. They state that the set’s color-changing nature will hinder the creative freedom of those who take pleasure in mixing and matching their in-game attire.

The community suggests that there should be three color options for the Burden of Unrelenting Justice:

And Blizzard has promptly responded. They agreed that there should be two more transmog options for this reward. Those who have purchased the set will receive two more static-colored sets once the Seeds of Renewal update arrives. As for the others, they will receive all three sets immediately once they reach 12 non-consecutive months of completing the Traveler’s Log and earn the monthly special rewards.

WoW, especially the Season of Discovery, is undeniably in a much-improved state compared to previous years. Fans are praising Blizzard for their quick responsiveness and effective actions to improve the game.

It really feels like the World of Warcraft is returning to its golden days.

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