Amirdrassil Boosting Services by Echo, Liquid, and Method

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Let’s explore the pricing details for the Amirdrassil boosting services by Echo, Liquid, and Method.

Upon completing the RWF Amirdrassil, the game of the strongest guilds is far from over. They are now in the process of repaying their assistants. These assistants were previously involved in separate raid runs with them. They were the ones who exchanged valuable items, equipment, and pooled resources for the guilds. Their contributions amount to millions in gold value. And so, in a gesture of gratitude, these seasoned guilds now leverage their expertise to repay their assistants. Echo, Liquid, and Method are providing boosting services for Amirdrassil completion in exchange for gold.

Prices will likely decrease as the raid becomes easier and players gather higher-quality loot. But for now, below are Echo, Liquid, and Method’s boosting prices for the Amirdrassil raid:

During the boosting process, buyers are in for a chance to run through Amirdrassil with world-tier players. They will be able to participate in defeating various bosses. as well as claim valuable loot from them unless otherwise specified. All three guilds offer runs in Heroic and Mythic difficulties. The prices depend on the raid’s bosses and the distribution of acquired loot. The more challenging the mode and boss, and the more items the buyer receives, the higher the gold cost.

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Take, for example, the services of the Amirdrassil RWF champion, Echo:

All acquired loot is handed over to the buyer during such a run.

At the moment of writing, only the last three bosses are not available for boosting. There have yet to be specified prices for them, either.

It’s worth noting that even though in 2022, Blizzard prohibited boosting services even if they were offered for gold, it seems their current stance is now different.

Echo, Liquid, and Method offer Amirdrassil Boosting Service
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