A Warcraft Series Is Coming to Netflix

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A recent leak about a Warcraft series coming to Netflix has set the gaming community ablaze. Apparently, the photo hinting at a “Warcraft Chronicles” series debuting in 2024 has been making rounds on the internet. And gamers are restless to find out if it’s real.


The gaming community is no stranger to leaks. Take Classic+, for example. And to the surprise of many, it has turned out to be surprisingly accurate. So, fans are hoping that the rumored Netflix Warcraft series shares the same level of credibility. 

If this information pans out, the Warcraft universe and its avid enthusiasts are in for an extraordinary journey. Just look at Castlevania, Arcane, and many other adaptations on Netflix. The streaming giant’s impressive track record only serves to ramp up fans’ expectations even more. 

Can you imagine the sheer epicness of seeing Azeroth and its iconic characters on the silver screen? To witness the Warcraft universe’s expansive lore play out before your eyes cinematically. To listen to the voices of your favorite characters. To hold your breath at every twist and turn thrown their way. Numerous fans are already envisioning it. They are optimistic that this series may even surpass the success of Arcane

However, the bubble of excitement is swiftly burst. Keen-eyed observers point out that the leaked image is, in fact, a fan-made artwork by Valdihr


Despite the disappointment, the mere possibility of a Netflix-produced Warcraft series remains tantalizing. And while the illusion of a Warcraft series is quite a letdown, don’t let this fake leak dampen your spirit. After all, several other video game adaptations are genuinely making their way to Netflix. Titles such as Devil May Cry, Stray, and Baldur’s Gate are on their way. So, stay tuned for further updates!

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