WoW Classic Hardcore Player Reached Max Level by Tanking PUGs

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A WoW Classic Hardcore player reached max level by tanking PUGs only.

In the unforgiving realm of WoW Classic Hardcore, if you die once, you die forever. Your character and everything you have achieved up until that point will be permanently deleted from Hardcore servers. Of course, you can always transfer them to non-hardcore servers. However, it won’t be the same. And so, to reach level 60, you need to watch your every step very cautiously.

But for Redditor MoreLikeGaewyn, reaching the max level using traditional means wasn’t enough. And so, they chose to undertake the challenge by tanking PUGs from levels 19 to 60.

Certainly, MoreLikeGaewyn’s journey wasn’t devoid of challenges. In the comments, they recounted their most intense experience as follows:

MoreLikeGaewyn’s post is an AMA. So, if you want to know more about their incredible leveling journey, be sure to check it out!

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