WoW Classic Hardcore: Beware of Fatal Ouro Bug

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A major bug has been identified in the Ouro encounter within the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj in WoW Classic Hardcore. It’s catastrophic for raiding groups attempting to defeat this boss. So you may want to watch out.

World of Warcraft’s Hardcore mode transforms the game into a relentless realm. Each character has only one life. If they perish, they are permanently deleted. Consequently, most players meticulously monitor every step they take. Even a minor mistake can lead to a character’s irreversible demise. Feigning death for too long? Reloading a weapon without awareness of hidden dangers? Challenging the wrong character to a Mak’gora? These are all the recipes to cook a one-way ticket to the dismal abyss of deletion.

WoW Classic Hardcore: Beware of Fatal Ouro Bug

Understanding this risk, Blizzard has issued a crucial warning. The developers alert players about the persistent bug impacting the Ouro boss encounter in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. The likelihood of a raid wipe due to Ouro is substantial. And so, they recommend that the raid group steer clear of attempting the Ouro encounter until said problem is addressed. 


The known issues post above was just updated with two new issues relating to Ouro in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. We wanted to highlight specifically here to raise awareness of these issues for groups on Hardcore realms attempting this boss. One of these bugs has a very high liklihood to cause a raid wipe.

  • Ouro may sometimes fail to re-engage the raid after a wipe.
  • Ouro may spawn an additional copy of himself after coming out of a submerge phase.
    • Developer’s Note: We strongly advise not attempting Ouro on hardcore realms until this is resolved as this is likely a guaranteed wipe if this occurs. We hope to be able to identify a fix for this very soon.
— Blizzard
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