Warcraft Logs: No Greench, No Spiked Collar, No Dog Whistle

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Warcraft Logs has decided to remove all logs that use Mechanical GreenchSpiked Collar, or Dog Whistle.

Key Takeaways

  • Warcraft Logs removed logs involving Mechanical Greench, Spiked Collar, and Dog Whistle in response to a now-removed poll.
  • This ruling applies not only to future logs but also to those already recorded.
  • Players are divided over the strategy of summoning pets into battle for increased damage.
  • The community remains split on whether the removal of these items from logs will truly address the issue or if it’s an unnecessary effort.

Over the New Year holiday, WoW players figured out new ways to significantly increase their parses in Blackfathom Deeps. The strategy revolved around the Mechanical Greench, a battle pet you can receive from the Ticking Present. With a robust health pool and significant damage capabilities, the pet contributed approximately 20% to the user’s overall damage output during encounters with adversaries.

The Mechanical Greench was a great way to boost players’ performance. So, based on the practice of summoning pets into combat, gamers extended their strategies to the Spiked Collar and Dog Whistle. With extra assistance on the battlefield, players could really wreak havoc in the Season of Discovery.

Why Warcraft Logs Removed Greench, Spiked Collar, and Dog Whistle

While some enjoy what they have come to call the “Pokemon Parses,” others view it as an unfair advantage. And to make matters worse, unlike the Mechanical Greench, which vanished with the end of Winter Veil, the Spiked Collar and Dog Whistle still remain in the game. Thus, deepening gamers’ dissatisfaction with the whole situation.

In response to a conducted poll, which was removed from their Twitter, Warcraft Logs has decided to exclude the presence of the Greench, Spike Collar, and Dog Whistle. Logs featuring these items are now deemed invalid. This ruling applies not only to future logs but also to those already recorded.

Players’ Reception

Players still stay divided on the subject. While some are overjoyed with Warcraft Logs’ decision, others dismiss it as an unnecessary effort. After all, all players had equal access to the same in-game mechanics. And erasing the logs doesn’t erase what has happened.

So, what do you think? Are you happy that Warcraft Logs removed Greench, Spike Collar, and Dog Whistle? Or do you believe this won’t really change anything? Let us know in the comments!

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