SoD Level 60 Raid: Molten Core Will be 20-Player

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Blizzard has recently confirmed that the raid Molten Core will be 20-player. The news has sparked quite heated discussions across the internet.

In a recent official post on the Blizzard forum, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield shared significant news and updates with the community. Alongside the SoD 100% buff, Greenfield provided further details about the SoD raid size in the upcoming Phases.

SoD Level 50 Raid and Molten Core Will Be 20-Player

SoD Level 60 Raid: Molten Core Will be 20-Player
(Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

As outlined in the post, Blizzard plans to increase raid size gradually. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 feature 10-player raids for their “ending content” to help players find groups at level 25 more easily. However, this won’t be the case going forward.

WoW developers have confirmed that the 20-player raid for level 50 in the Season of Discovery will mark the conclusion of Phase 3. And upon reaching level 60, players can anticipate a 20-player Molten Core raid. Details regarding said level 50 raid and the encounters in Molten Core have yet to be revealed.

As for the specifics of raiding in the later tiers of SoD, Blizzard stated that they are currently in discussions:

“While overhauling all 40 player raids down to 20 would be theoretically possible, this may be prohibitively difficult and detract significantly from the other features and content we have planned to implement in a post-60 Season of Discovery. We are doing some investigation now to help us understand what would be needed and what the framework of the Original WoW data can support in this regard.”

— Blizzard

What Players Think

The WoW community finds itself heavily divided regarding the raid size in SoD. Most players are content with Blizzard’s current plan for 20-player raids. They express appreciation towards the team’s efforts to make the game more enjoyable for all:

Other players ask for the introduction of 40-player raids in SoD. They believe that such larger-scale raids are essential to the Classic experience. Without 40-player instances, SoD feels more like WoW retail than Classic. Some even suggest that Blizzard could double the loot drop in 40-player raids, thus alleviating the frustration of loot-less runs:

As for the rest, they want to maintain the raid size at 10 players. Such smaller-scale instances let them play with their close-knit friend groups and better enjoy their gaming time:

What about you? What do you think about SoD raid size? Let us know in the comments!

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